Posted on Nov 8, 2017

“France?! What do you mean go to France?”

“Would you like to go to Normandy for the 2016 D-Day tour and celebrations? We could extend and spend a couple of extra days in Paris if you want?”

“FRANCE! PARIS!!! Since I was 10 I have wanted to go to Paris. Heck yes!”

Michelle never had the opportunity to travel forced to work to support her two kids. During years of frustration and struggle she turned to food for comfort until she decided to remake herself and utilize healthy eating, fitness, and workouts to relieve frustration.

In one year she lost over 100 pounds and became a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer, a profession which she held for 10 years. Michelle’s example and fitness story became an inspiration to hundreds of “peeps” whom she instructed, coached, inspired, and loved through their own fitness journeys. A shared love of fitness and God brought us together.

Once together, our love grew through her love of adventure which lead to shared experiences such as hiking in Iceland, dog sledding in Minnesota, and almost dying snowmobiling in a blizzard in Yellowstone National Park.

Until, one rainy, cold June afternoon under the Eiffel Tower I proposed to her and pledged my heart and soul to her forever.

While I had hidden the engagement ring for months, little did either of us know what insidious hell was hiding, growing deep inside Michelle’s liver.

Two soul-mates joined together 1/14/17, as man and wife but hell continued to grow inside her liver.

By 3/07/17 we knew something was awry and on 3/09/17 we knew Michelle was very sick. Nothing could have ever prepared Michelle for the journey ahead.

Laura Michelle McDonald, known to everyone as Michelle, 47, of Taylor, TX, went home to the Lord, Thursday, August 17, 2017 after a very short, heroic, painful battle with cholangiocarcinoma. Michelle was immensely brave, strong, and determined to continue living her life purposely and passionately. She deeply loved her family and friends, and valued each moment spent with them. Her faith never wavered, and she displayed her unique sense of humor until the end. If you knew Michelle, you knew that she had a definitive way of doing things and that meant living each minute of the last few months of her life with passion, dignity, and love. Adventures aside, Michelle would boast her greatest accomplishment was her children.

Michelle always had a place in her heart and soul for babies and puppy bellies.

Michelle’s last Facebook post 3 days before she passed was profound and prophetic:

“I love my husband.
I love my kids.
Love my family and friends
but I hate cancer.
God hates cancer too and he is calling me home.”

Michelle will be terribly missed by all those who knew and loved her. She never imagined how many lives she touched and changed positively.

Michelle, you WERE the stronger one, my Heart and Soul.