Posted on May 6, 2015

Happy Mother’s Day Mama, Happy 66th Birthday Mama (May 14th), and Happy Anniversary Mama and Daddy (May 22nd)! My mother Margie bravely battled cholangiocarcinoma from the date of her diagnosis (October 1, 2012) until her death on November 19, 2013. The doctors gave her six months to a year and she made it a little over that. That time was precious. Sure I would like for her to be here today, but at least we were able to have that precious time together before she passed on my Daddy’s birthday (he passed in 2012). I think God called her home on that day for a reason. We all love you and miss you Mama!!!! Cholangiocarcinoma is a tough disease, but my mother was tough too. She persevered through it all and got every bit of time she could get. She fought for it hard. She was a “live-er”, meaning she wanted to live and fight for as much time as possible. I love her strength, courage, and will to go on. She wasn’t a quitter or the type to give up. She is not a weak spirited person. We all miss her so and my wish is that one day this disease will be prevented and a cure will be developed for those who already have it. May is a hard month. Mother’s day, my Mama’s birthday, my parent’s anniversary are all in May. I celebrate your life Mama and I celebrate the fact that I had you as a mother and I celebrate the love you and Daddy shared for 41 years before he passed and the love that will live forever between you two and all of us. I don’t always speak of you in the past tense because I know your spirit lives on and is here in all our hearts and will be in the heart of your first great grandchild due in November. Please watch over all of us and be waiting there for me when it is my time. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY MAMA! I love you for eternity.