Posted on May 5, 2015

Maria Domanico was the eldest of six children, born in Calabria, a small town in southern Italy. Known as “Nonna” to most everyone, Maria was a caring daughter, sister, mother, wife, aunt and grandmother. In her mid 30’s, Maria and her husband moved their young family of five children to the United States.

Maria was ahead of her time. She was a working mother raising a busy family of five in a new country. She was not only known for her work ethic, but also her dedication and loyalty to family and friends. Nonna was best known for her kitchen and backyard garden. It was never closed and it never ran short of traditional Italian food and treats. As her family grew to 14 grand kids, Nonna never missed a family event and always managed the family dinners.

Nonna left a strong legacy of work ethic, the importance of an education and family values.