Posted on Jun 8, 2015

I need the world to know the name Patrick Hespen. Many fortunate people already do. But for the rest of the Cholangiocarcinoma community, I want his name and face to be familiar. Patrick is my brother. He was a young 36 years old when he physically left this earth due to this cancer. He in no way shape or form lost his battle, gave up, or succumbed to the horrible disease. He was simply needed in heaven much earlier than we ever wanted to admit. His time spent on this earth was fruitful. He touched many lives. The stories of who he was to this world, still have not stopped coming in – even after almost 6 months of his passing. He was a PR professional in the automotive industry in Detroit, MI. His final farewell included people from all over the United States with their cars, welcoming his hearse to the church with a proper revving of each engine. He had three Dodge Hellcats following his trail. It was a 2100 horsepower salute to a brave man who is loved by so many people. Daily I see Patricks face everywhere I turn. The tears still burn, but the hole in all of our hearts is slowly healing with each passing day. Instead of mourning this loss, we chose to honor Patrick by living our lives the way he did – with courage, strength, decency and love.