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Volunteer Spotlight – Gavin Strachan

  • Like most people, Gavin had never heard of Cholangiocarcinoma until his Dad was diagnosed with it in the summer of 2008.  Gavin clearly remembers the day of diagnosis and how devastating it was – “like getting hit in the head with a cricket bat,” he recalls.  Having a loved one receive a terminal diagnosis of an unheard of disease is shocking.
  • Immediately Gavin went online to begin research for his Dad.  He discovered the Foundation that summer. Gavin remembers how difficult it was to navigate through an internet awash with mountains of inaccurate information, and quickly realized the Foundation gave him a place to seek help and get answers.  He found the Discussion Board, shared his Dad’s situation and asked loads of questions.  While no one had all the answers, he felt supported within this online community and  knew others were rooting for his Dad, and for him.
  • Because of his personal experience with the support and encouragement, Gavin has felt a passion to help others in the same shoes. For nearly ten years, Gavin has paid it forward.  He has given hope to patients, caregivers, friends and family members.   Gavin has spent hundreds of hours reading, researching, and posting current research to the discussion boards all in hopes of benefiting someone else who suffers.  He volunteers out of his true concern for others and hopes to lighten the load of the really tough times he knows others face. Gavin volunteers so that others will never have to feel alone!
  • The Foundation would like to thank Gavin for his kindness, compassion, dedication and talents.  It is a great honor and privilege to recognize Gavin Strachan as the Volunteer of the Month!

New Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation. We have a variety of different opportunities available at different times of the year.

icon-cholangioconnect CholangioConnect creates personalized connections that enable one-on-one support among cholangiocarcinoma fighters, survivors and caregivers. This peer-to-peer connection platform helps anyone touched by cholangiocarcinoma, at any stage in their journey, find a mentor to ask questions and get support from someone who has personal experience with the disease. Learn More
You will work closely with Jordan, our volunteer coordinator in helping run the volunteer program. Duties will include: helping train and correspond to volunteer questions, help collect volunteer hours each month, help organize volunteer projects as assigned by Jordan. Weekly Hour Requirement: 8-10 Positions to Fill: 1 Apply
You will work closely with Jordan (Social Media Manager) and Kathi (Director of Development). Duties will include: helping recognize and support people hosting social media fundraisers, continually looking for articles/events to recognize on Foundations social media, ways to improve our program and increase our reach and other projects as assigned. Weekly Hour Requirement: 5 Positions to Fill: 2 Apply
You will work closely with Kathi (Director of Development) with data entry projects. Kathi manages the Foundations  database and there are always a variety of projects that we need help with. Familiarity with Excel and database management a plus. Weekly Hour Requirement: 10 Positions to Fill: 2 Apply


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Jordan Giles is the Foundation’s Volunteer Coordinator. Jordan has been a volunteer himself with the Foundation for many years and was hired on as a full-time staff member in November 2017. Jordan graduated with his Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Utah. If you have any question regarding the Foundation’s volunteer program, please contact Jordan at Jordan.Giles@cholangiocarcinoma.org  
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