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Volunteer Spotlight – Lisa Layton

  • It is a great honor and privilege for the Foundation to recognize Lisa Layton as Volunteer of the Month. Lisa was diagnosed with stage IV cholangiocarcinoma in May of 2013 and continues to be in active treatment. She is a wife, mother, and speech-language pathologist. The first few weeks after the diagnosis Lisa remembers constantly wiping away tears and being in a state of shock and grief.
  • Now, as an experienced patient, she has a tremendous desire to lift up other patients. Lisa loves entertaining and decorating for parties and holidays. After attending her first conference Lisa learned of plans for a patient lounge at the next conference at the Marriott Hotel. She immediately asked if she could help. Lisa Layton along with Lisa Craine have spearheaded the patient lounge for the last three years. Lisa’s favorite part about the lounge is making people feel welcome, spending time connecting with patients, and providing love and encouragement.
  • Lisa has raised money for the foundation through partnering with the retail establishment Charming Charlie. Her volunteer work also includes research advocacy and patient mentoring in the CholangioConnect program. She considers it a privilege to be a mentor and included in the lives of other patients and their families. She explains about the mentor/mentee relationship this way, “We share a deep connection because we all have fear, anxiety, and experience setbacks. We also share the joys and the successes.” Her hope as a mentor is to share blessings, tenderness, to listen, to give hope, joy, and love.
  • Lisa’s positive attitude is contagious. She fittingly emulates her favorite quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” Her advice to anyone thinking about volunteering with the Foundation, “You will be glad you got involved. The CCF is a wonderful organization and it gives you a sense of purpose and a feeling of happiness.”

New Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation. We have a variety of different opportunities available at different times of the year.

Purpose: Research advocates serve to link patients to scientific research to promote education and bring about change. Key Responsibilities:

  • Helps patients understand medical research and scientific concepts;
  • Keeps current on research and clinical trials available with ongoing required training and monthly meeting attendance; and
  • Brings patient perspective on research activities to scientific advisory boards and committees.

Program Manager: Melinda Bachini Location: Work-from-home, candidates work from their residence. Qualifications: High level of diplomacy, confidentiality, integrity and initiative. Pleasant manner, and dependability.

Purpose: Patient advocates focus on the emotional support for the patient and help to guide a patient through the healthcare system. Key Responsibilities:

  • Supports patient through the screening, diagnosis, and treatment processes;
  • Empowers patients to better communicate with healthcare providers, and helps to get necessary and current information to the patient in order for the patient to make the very best decisions about their healthcare choices;
  • May also help patients find referrals to experienced cholangiocarcinoma providers in their area; and
  • Provides guidance and hope to patients.

Program Manager: Melinda Bachini Location: Work-from-home, candidate works from their residence. Qualifications: High level of compassion, confidentiality, integrity, and initiative . Pleasant manner, and dependability.

Purpose: CholangioConnect Mentors offer encouragement. Mentors help others through difficult periods of diagnosis, treatment, and when needed, palliative care which can be extremely stressful and confusing. Mentors are cholangiocarcinoma survivors, patients, caregivers, family members or friends of cholangiocarcinoma patients. The service is free and is intended to offer support, not to give medical advice or recommendations.Any information shared between mentors and patients concerning treatments, medications or therapies should be discussed with a physician. Key Responsibilities:

  • Creates personalized connections that enable one-on-one support among cholangiocarcinoma fighters, survivors and caregivers;
  • Builds peer-to-peer connections and help anyone touched by cholangiocarcinoma, at any stage in their journey.

Program Manager: Patricia Maxin Location: Work-from-home, candidates will work from their residence. Qualifications: High levels of compassion, diplomacy, integrity, and initiative. Strong communication and organizational skills a plus. Learn More

Purpose: CARE Team Members work to positively impact the lives of cholangiocarcinoma patients through advocacy, research and education. Key responsibilities:

  • Helps spread awareness in communities, including local events, hospitals and clinics;
  • Creates, attends and supports local fundraising efforts; and
  • Educates about the cancer, research and clinical trials.

Program Manager: Melinda Bachini Location: Open location: anywhere in the world. Qualifications: Initiative, dependability, and organizational skills a plus.

Purpose: Fundraisers organize activities to raise money or otherwise solicit and gather cash or in-kind donations or other gifts for the Foundation. Key Responsibilities:

  • Organizes and carry out events, either online or in their communities;
  • Distributes educational material and awareness bracelets and giveaways;
  • Publicizes events; and
  • Raises awareness of the Foundation’s work, goals and financial needs.

Program Manager: Kathi Wagner Location: Open location: anywhere in the world

Purpose: Social Media Influencers work to recognize and support people hosting social media fundraisers, spread awareness of the Foundation’s mission, and research and develop social media campaigns. Key responsibilities:

  • Supports our current online fundraisers in their efforts through social media;
  • Develops relationships, including businesses, to create social media campaigns that increase awareness and expand our social media following;
  • Improves our social media programs and campaigns; and
  • Researches articles/events that promote the Foundation’s mission and spread awareness.

Program Manager: Jordan Giles Location: Work-from-home, candidates work from their residence. Qualifications: High level of diplomacy, integrity and initiative. Ability to build effective relationship networks with a diverse variety of people (inside and outside the Foundation). Familiarity with various social media platforms and high visibility a plus.

Purpose: Discussion Board Moderators facilitate discussions where users may exchange information, opinions, thoughts or theories in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Key Responsibilities:

  • Welcomes new patients and caregivers to the discussion board community;
  • Promotes awareness and education;
  • Communicates to users the current status of treatments and research in the field of Cholangiocarcinoma; and
  • Exercises care to recommend that medical questions be directed to experienced medical providers (moderators do not themselves provide medical advice).

Program Manager: Melinda Bachini Location: Work-from-home, candidates work from their residence Qualifications: Experience as a Cholangiocarcinoma patient, caregiver or family member, strong communication and writing skills a plus.

Purpose: Data Entry and Research Clerks complete various data entry, online research, and administrative projects and support the administrative staff. Key Responsibilities:

  • Keeps track of received data and documents;
  • Searches the internet to dcollect data as needed;
  • Inputs collected data into an electronic spreadsheet or database;
  • Ensures that all data is entered accurately;
  • Reviews all information entered and make corrections where necessary;
  • Maintains confidentiality of all data entered; and
  • Performs other clerical duties as required.

Program Manager: Kathi Wagner Location: Work-from-home, candidates will work from their residence. Qualifications: Basic knowledge of computer and data entry, comfortable searching the internet, with familiarity in Excel and database management a plus. Pleasant manner, problem-solving ability, and dependability.

Purpose: Annual Conference Volunteers staff various information booths, set up and take down booths, host workshop sessions, and help to make the Annual Conference a smooth experience for everyone. Key responsibilities:

  • Greets attendees;
  • Assists with admissions;
  • Sets up and takes down booths/workshop stations;
  • Assists at hospitality areas; and
  • Monitors general events and manages crowd flow.
  • Additionally, our Annual Conference Volunteers must be able to do the following:
    • Attends the conference on the required day;
    • Assists daily with setup and take down;
    • Ensures availability to work during the conference sessions (NOTE: Volunteers will not be able to attend every session of conference). Fills various assignments including staffing registration table, CCF store, Patient Lounge, and hosting various workshop sessions; and
    • Attends daily morning and evening meetings.

Program Manager: Jordan Giles Location: Salt Lake City, UT Qualifications: Pleasant manner, patience, and problem-solving skills a plus.

Purpose: Special Events Volunteers support local events and represent the Foundation. Key responsibilities:

  • Attends local events that support the Foundation;
  • May include hosting an information booth while passing out educational materials;
  • Supports other volunteers/fundraisers at local events such as marathons or health fairs; and
  • May include cheering on marathon runners.

Program Manager: Varies Location: Open location: anywhere in the world. Qualifications: Pleasant manner.


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Jordan Giles is the Foundation’s Volunteer Coordinator. Jordan has been a volunteer himself with the Foundation for many years and was hired on as a full-time staff member in November 2017. Jordan graduated with his Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Utah. If you have any question regarding the Foundation’s volunteer program, please contact Jordan at Jordan.Giles@cholangiocarcinoma.org  
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