Jennifer Wo

Jennifer Wo

Jennifer Wo

Massachusetts General Hospital

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I am a clinical radiation oncologist who specializes in GI cancer. I've worked at MGH since 2010. I have 3 kids, ages 5-9, and currently live in Boston, MA.

Can you share one or two of your specific research interests?
-Outcomes research for ICC
-Clinical trial

Why did you decide to specialize in hepatobiliary cancers?
-Rewarding, lots to learn about role of liver directed therapies

Can you describe one of the unforgettable moments in your patients care or research that has impacted your career?
A 86 yo female patient with unresectable intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma self-referred to me after being referred to hospice at her local hospital. I treated her with definitive ablative RT, and she lived for another 4 years, before she died of unrelated causes. It was a learning lesson for me, and so beautiful to see.

Can you tell us one thing collaboration with colleagues could accomplish that you could not accomplish on your own?
-Multi-institutional registry for impact of RT for intrahepatic chlolangio

If you had access to one resource that would move your research forward, what would that resource be?
-Database manager

How did you learn about the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation?
-Have spoken at ICRN. Loved it. Would love to be more active.
-Have worked closely with Lipika Goyal.

Can you tell us why you became a member of the ICRN?
-Enjoy thee research and scientific community.