Lawrence Kwong

Lawrence Kwong
UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Have been a PI for 6 years, was the TCGA co-chair for cholangio.
Can you share one or two of your specific research interests?
Chromatin modifiers, biomarkers
Why did you decide to specialize in hepatobiliary cancers?
Understudied cancer type, fascinating mutation landscape
Can you describe one of the unforgettable moments in your patients care or research that has impacted your career?
Meeting patients and caretakers at the Cholangio Foundation Annual Meeting, important to hear their stories and concerns
Can you tell us one thing collaboration with colleagues could accomplish that you could not accomplish on your own?
Patient sample acquisition and expert analysis
If you had access to one resource that would move your research forward, what would that resource be?
Access to broader mouse models, GEMMS, PDX, etc.
How did you learn about the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation?
Annual Meeting
Can you tell us why you became a member of the ICRN?
To connect with top researchers and physicians