In Remembrance of Victoria S.L. Wong

March 4, 1939 - September 5, 2021

Victoria S.L Wong

Victoria "Vicky" Wong was born Victoria Shui Lang Wan on March 4, 1939, in Paris, France, the third of eight children born to Olga Pearl Jung and Wan Wai Nam. When World War II events began developing in Europe, she moved along with her family safely to Saigon, Vietnam.

Vicky immigrated to Seattle in 1956 from Saigon, where she attended Franklin High School and focussed her studies on education and her passion for languages. Soon after finishing high school while attending the University of Washington, she met her loving husband, Michael Mun Wong. On Oct. 29, 1960, they were married and had three children, Sharon, Brian and Angela.

Vicky worked as an accountant at the Port of Seattle, an interpreter at SeaTac airport, and a travel agent. She enjoyed exploring the world by bus, air, and sea, but her favorite activity was hosting the family holiday parties by far. Nothing meant more to Vicky than seeing family and friends enjoying her home-cooked meals, celebrating together and hearing their laughter.
During retirement, Vicky volunteered as a school librarian and doted on her family, especially her grandchildren. Vicky was diagnosed with intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma and lost a courageous battle with this cancer four years later. Sadly she passed away on September 5, 2021.

The family angel, Vicky, was an amazing woman who left behind a legacy of love for everyone she touched. In celebration of Vicky's life and in honor of her memory, her family created a fund-raising campaign for the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation.

The Wong and Madden families and their friends thank you for honoring Vicky's legacy by accelerating research for this devastating disease.

The Foundation joins Vicky Wongs' family in celebrating her life and expresses condolences to the family's loss. Thank you, Wong and Madden families, for your generous donations that will help fund critical CCA research.