Mentorship Program

The virtual International Cholangiocarcinoma Research Network (ICRN) Mentorship Program aims to support, advise, and promote learning for junior researchers in their career choices and scientific growth by matching them with expert physicians and scientist leaders from in the field of cholangiocarcinoma outside of their institutions and from all over the world.

Program highlights

  • The program is a 12-months virtual mentoring activity in which contacts between Mentee and Mentor will occur once a month via phone/teleconference.
  • The mentoring activity will be on practical and precise questions related to cholangiocarcinoma research and professional choices.
  • Mentors and their Mentee must establish a clear professional goal and identify what they want to achieve by the end of the mentoring program
  • Mentors and their Mentees must determine a specific project they will work on during the 12-month mentoring program.
  • During or at the end of the Mentoring activities, the Mentees will have the opportunity to visit the Mentor’s Institution if they need to learn a new technology or a specific procedure on their own cost.

Eligibility Criteria

The mentee must be:

  • PhD student, oncology resident/fellow, or postdoc researchers.
  • Be fluent in writing and speaking English.
  • Make a minimum time commitment of one hour per month to meet with the mentor.
  • Commit to sending a progress report by the end of the program.

Application Process


If you are interested in applying for the mentorship program, please submit the application form and make sure to upload the following additional documents

  1. Curriculum vitae
  2. A motivation letter clarifies why you are interested in applying for the mentorship program, your goals, and what you anticipate achieving by the end of the program.
  3. Letter of recommendation from your institute/head of department supporting your application

Submission due date is ______


If you are interested in serving as a mentor, please complete this brief application.

Selection Process

  • Program Directors and the Board of Mentors will select the mentees and assign mentors by ____
  • The mentoring activities can start by ____
  • Feedback questionnaires will be sent to both mentees and mentors to monitor to evaluate the program’s effectiveness and keep it up-to-date and useful.

The International Cholangiocarcinoma Research Network (ICRN) is a program of the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation.