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Miles to Date: 5,636

Today was to be a day of rest, including a walk on the beach, here in Maine. Hah! Never happened. It turns out I spent a fair amount of the day trying to make lists of things I need to follow up on from the Journey so far, and update journal entries. That’s one thing I didn’t schedule enough time for from the get-go. Lesson learned for the next big adventure.

Of special note, while working this afternoon, I was pleasantly surprised to hear voices on my back porch. It turned out to be Mary Walker, and her husband Mike, from NH. I just met Mary three weeks ago at the Quack Out 5K, in Wilmington, DE. That event which is organized by Janice and Dean Meyer was a great success in the emerging post-pandemic world. Little did I know I’d see Mary again, so soon. It’s good I wasn’t sleeping on the couch!

Looking back on the first two weeks of the Journey, I’m excited to say that it has been extremely gratifying. I was fortunate to have my wife, Linda, along for the first 10 days of the drive, before she had to return home. She was able to share in many fulfilling conversations/encounters with a wide range of warriors, caregivers, researchers, doctors, industry partners, and the “unknowing”. Each day created a new spark for the next. I’m excited to begin the next chapter tomorrow, with three scheduled visits in MA, RI, and NY. More tomorrow about those!

To close, it is known by many that lighthouses are considered as symbols of hope. As such, I’m posting several lighthouse pictures taken in Maine, earlier this year. I hope you see them as I do; beacon’s of hope.

Additionally, I’m adding a photo of Linda as she painted and prepared more than 80 Hope rocks for the journey. If I don’t forget (which I’m embarrassed to admit I have), I’m leaving them with warriors, caregivers, doctors, as well as in each of the 48 states and towns of Hope visited along the journey. Many of them have a sticker on the back, letting people that find the rocks know about cholangiocarcinoma, and where they can learn more about it. Thanks, Linda!!

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