Journey of Hope Map

June 30:
Finish at Ken Garff Honda
Orem, Utah

May 23:
Hope/Fox Island, Washington

May 25:
Hope, Idaho

May 27:
Hope, North Dakota

May 28:
Hope, Minnesota

May 30:
Hope Township, Illinois

May 31:
Hope, Michigan

June 2:
Hope, New York

June 3:
Hope, Maine

June 5:
Hope-Scituate, Rhode Island

June 6:
Hope, New Jersey

June 8:
Hope, Maryland

June 13:
Hope, Texas

June 14:
Hope, Arkansas

June 16:
Hope, Kentucky

June 20:
Hope, Ohio

June 22:
Hope, Kansas

June 25:
Hope, New Mexico

June 26:
Hope, Arizona

"The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation is celebrating its’ 15th anniversary this year, with a focus on three key words: CRYSTAL / CLEAR / HOPE. In conjunction with the anniversary, I’m planning a 15,000 mile Journey of Hope; a road trip up, down and across the 48 contiguous United States. I intend to honor the memory of my daughter, Sarah, who passed away from cholangiocarcinoma in 2018. Sarah, would have loved to do this trip with me!"

- Dave Fleischer

Sarah Bennett and her father David Fleischer
Sarah Bennett and her father David Fleischer

Dates of the trip: May 20th - June 30th

If you have questions, please contact for additional details.
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Journey of Hope: Day 15

By Dave Fleischer | Jun 3, 2021

I don’t want to jinx myself, however, the Journey just keeps getting more meaningful to me by the day! Now I’m starting to think how can it be possible that I only have 9,375 miles to go?!

Journey of Hope: Day 14

By Dave Fleischer | Jun 2, 2021

Remember the movie Cast Away starring Tom Hanks and his companion Wilson, the soccer ball? Well, I had one of those episodes today, when Mike O’Langio my Mutations Matter photo bud seemed to have disappeared.

Journey of Hope: Day 13

By Dave Fleischer | Jun 1, 2021

What an inspiring day! My first stop this morning was in Akron, OH, where I was met by a “sea of green” at the home of Lisa (warrior and mentor) and David Craine.

Journey of Hope: Day 12

By Dave Fleischer | May 31, 2021

I have to admit, this was a long day. As I planned the journey, I knew that was going to be the case, however, I didn’t plan on the hotel story at the end of the day.

Journey of Hope: Day 11

By Dave Fleischer | May 30, 2021

Wow, another eventful day! The day started with me dropping Linda off at O’Hare Airport for her journey home to NJ, so as to be with our grandson, Austin, this week for “bus duty”.

Journey of Hope: Day 10

By Dave Fleischer | May 29, 2021

It was a beautiful, cool, cloudless morning when Linda and I departed Rochester, MN, today. Our first official stop was about 275 miles away, fairly close to Milwaukee.

Journey of Hope: Day 9

By Dave Fleischer | May 28, 2021

Departing from Watertown, SD, we headed in a southeasterly direction to Hope, MN., over a variety of roads, including interstates, two-lane state and county roads, plus an added bonus of dirt! It’s amazing what supposed shortcuts GPS will produce at times!

Journey of Hope: Day 8

By Dave Fleischer | May 27, 2021

As we departed Dickinson, ND, this morning, we were greeted with a windy 35°, and snow showers! Quite a difference for those in New England talking about how hot it is at 90°. Driving east on I-94 our first stop was to see Salem Sue, the world’s largest Holstein cow!

Journey of Hope: Day 7

By Dave Fleischer | May 26, 2021

We started our A.M. drive in Livingston, MT, and proceeded to Billings, MT. to pick up Melinda Bacchini, a CC Warrior who is also on the staff of the foundation. Melinda is Director of Patient Advocacy and an 11½ year survivor.

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Dave's Farewell Event in Orem, Utah on May 20th.

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