Journey of Hope Map

June 30:
Finish at Ken Garff Honda
Orem, Utah

May 23:
Hope/Fox Island, Washington

May 25:
Hope, Idaho

May 27:
Hope, North Dakota

May 28:
Hope, Minnesota

May 30:
Hope Township, Illinois

May 31:
Hope, Michigan

June 2:
Hope, New York

June 3:
Hope, Maine

June 5:
Hope-Scituate, Rhode Island

June 6:
Hope, New Jersey

June 8:
Hope, Maryland

June 13:
Hope, Texas

June 14:
Hope, Arkansas

June 16:
Hope, Kentucky

June 20:
Hope, Ohio

June 22:
Hope, Kansas

June 25:
Hope, New Mexico

June 26:
Hope, Arizona

"The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation is celebrating its’ 15th anniversary this year, with a focus on three key words: CRYSTAL / CLEAR / HOPE. In conjunction with the anniversary, I’m planning a 15,000 mile Journey of Hope; a road trip up, down and across the 48 contiguous United States. I intend to honor the memory of my daughter, Sarah, who passed away from cholangiocarcinoma in 2018. Sarah, would have loved to do this trip with me!"

- Dave Fleischer

Sarah Bennett and her father David Fleischer
Sarah Bennett and her father David Fleischer

Dates of the trip: May 20th - June 30th

If you have questions, please contact for additional details.
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Journey of Hope: Day 6

By Dave Fleischer | May 25, 2021

We saw a lot of gorgeous scenery today, including Sandpoint and Hope, ID, as well as East Hope, and believe it or not, an area known as Beyond Hope! The beauty continued into MT. with diverse scenery and weather conditions along MT Route 200 and I-90 eastbound before the pouring rain started in Anaconda, MT.

Journey of Hope: Day 5

By Dave Fleischer | May 24, 2021

This morning, Linda and I had the opportunity for a meet-up outside the Fred Hutch Cancer Center in Seattle. Our mission was to thank doctors who are improving the lives and finding a cure, for cholangiocarcinoma patients, now and in the future.

Journey of Hope: Day 4

By Dave Fleischer | May 23, 2021

This morning Linda and I had the opportunity to meet in the Vancouver, WA area, with one of my ex-colleagues, his wife, and daughter, Sara. Two years ago, Sara was a recipient of the Sarah Fleischer Bennett memorial scholarship.

Journey of Hope: Day 3

By Dave Fleischer | May 22, 2021

Day three of the JoH was another day full of fulfilling visits, beautiful scenery and variations in weather, including rain, heavy fog on the curvy roads of the Cascades, then sunshine.

Journey of Hope: Day 2

By Dave Fleischer | May 21, 2021

Day two of our journey had Linda and I heading west from Twin Falls to Boise, ID for a scheduled meet up with Cindy Thomas of the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation staff, and Steven Banks, a local cholangiocarcinoma warrior.

Journey of Hope: Day 1

By Dave Fleischer | May 20, 2021

After a great send off from Ken Garff Honda, Orem, UT, Linda and I began our 15,000 mile journey. With the foundation celebrating its’ 15th anniversary, our first duty was to commence the drive on I-15 northbound.

Cheer Dave On!

By Allison Deragon | May 20, 2021

May 20th was an exhilarating day for CCF. Friends, family, and other locals gathered together with signs and balloons as Dave Fleischer left on his 15,000 mile Journey of Hope in honor of their daughter Sarah.

Five for Friday – 5 ways you can get involved with the Journey of Hope

By Allison Deragon | May 14, 2021

Dave and Linda Fleischer plan to spend 6 weeks driving across the United States on a 15,000 mile Journey of Hope in memory of their daughter, Sarah Bennett.

Loving Parents Plan a 15,000 mile Journey of Hope in Memory of their Daughter

By Allison Deragon | May 12, 2021

Dave and Linda Fleischer will Raise Awareness and Money for Research for Cholangiocarcinoma through a Road trip Across the United States.

share your images on social media, using the hashtags #isawdave and #curecca

Dave's Farewell Event in Orem, Utah on May 20th.

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