Long-Term Survivor Stories – Heidi Rhea

Heidi Rhea is a long-term survivor. She was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma almost 10 years ago. Heidi has always been a cancer advocate, especially with her family history of Lynch syndrome. Heidi is extremely passionate about her advocacy work. She talks about cholangiocarcinoma at every opportunity. Heidi has been a Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation ambassador at health fairs, Relay for Life, and the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. Most recently, her survivor story was featured in Social (Northshore), a local Mandeville, LA publication.

“It is really hard when you hear the word cancer. But reading all the posts of prayers, love and support the day before my surgery gave me the strength to think positive.”

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“Heidi is a fearless volunteer who embraces every opportunity to talk about cholangiocarcinoma (CCA) and is amazingly creative in doing so. She is a selfless and dedicated ambassador for awareness and tirelessly works to create the impact we all want - more research for making CCA a treatable disease. Heidi wears multiple volunteer hats within the organization: fundraiser, CARE Team member, mentor, and annual conference volunteer. To say she is eager to help in any way possible is truly an understatement. It is a great honor and privilege to recognize Heidi Rhea’s efforts.”

- Cindy Thomas, CCF Volunteer Coordinator