Contributed by Andrea Scott

Andrea & Jason Scott

My husband Jason and I are so excited to be contributing our time and talents to further the mission of the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation! Here is the story of how we became involved with the Foundation.

In April of 2013, I was diagnosed with intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma. Soon after, a friend pointed us to the Foundation website. Jason immediately became a frequent visitor to the discussion boards where he found incredible advice and support. I started treatment on Gem-Cis chemotherapy, tolerated it very well and had a great response with significant shrinkage of my tumors. Aside from a challenging round of radiation treatments earlier this year, I have been fortunate enough to have time and energy to devote to volunteering for the Foundation.

In the fall of 2013, Jason and I met with board member Marion Schwartz to learn about volunteer opportunities. (Marion lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, as we do.) In January, we attended the GI-ASCO conference in San Francisco. We attended sessions, manned the information booth and enjoyed meeting others connected with the Foundation.

In February, Jason participated in the Stakeholder’s Meeting in Utah and in May attended ASCO in Chicago with a scholarship from the Research Advocacy Network. Jason joined the CFF Board of Directors in June. He is focused on helping the Foundation devise strategies to accelerate research through grants and other collaborations with researchers at major cancer centers.

Meanwhile, in March, I started to help with fundraising, including the July Campaign for the C.U.R.E. I have also been working on ways to better support our amazing local fundraisers whose contributions are so significant to the Foundation.

The Foundation has been a vital source of resources and support for us. We are so happy that we can help further its mission. There is so much more work to be done. Please consider volunteering your time and talents. You will get back as much as you give!