Conference In Review

Day 1 (Patient & Caregivers)

Day 2 & 3 (Basic, Translational & Clinical Research)

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Day 1

Welcome to the Conference - Stacie Lindsey, CCF President
Aram Hezel and Juan Valle, Conference Chairs
Patient Perspective - Lisa Layton
Immunotherapy - Lipika Goyal, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)
Chemotherapy - Juan Valle, University of Manchester, UK
Surgery - Flavio Rocha, Virginia Mason Medical Center
The Role of Palliative Care - Emma Fattakhov, Orange Regional Medical Center
Panel Discussion - Lipika Goyal, Juan Valle, Flavio Rocha, Emma Fattakhov
Patient Perspective - Gary Rosen
Integration of CAM Therapies - Monica Del Rosso, Orange Regional Medical Center
Coping and Mindfulness - Heidi Lowitzer, Buffalo General Medical Center
Patient Perspective - Lisa Craine
Clinical Trials Overview - Andy Macias
Emerging Med Overview - Courtney Hudson, CEO, Emerging Med
Cure Forward Overview - Martin Naley, Founder, Cure Forward
Panel Discussion - Andy Macias, Courtney Hudson, Martin Naley, Nasra Giama
CCA Patient Assist Mobile App - Maureen Collins, Boston Scientific
Patient Advocacy Update - Marion Schwartz
Drive Away Cholangio - Andy Macias
Patient Perspective - Patty Corcoran
Advocating for Yourself and Others - Branden Lee and Sam Martineau

Day 2
(Basic, Translational & Clinical Research)

Welcome & CCF Update - Stacie Lindsey, CCF President
Welcome - Conference Chairs: Aram Hezel, MD & Juan Valle, MB ChB MSc FRCP
Patient Perspective - Matt Reidy
Genetic Landscape & Emerging Targeted Therapies in CCA - Andrew Zhu, MGH
Targeting the Tumor Microenvironment in Cholangiocarcinoma - Katie Kelley, UCSF
Models & Emerging Technologies - Aram Hezel, University of Rochester
Developing Human Model Systems for ICC Research - Nabeel Bardeesy, MGH
Panel Discussion/Q&A - Andrew Zhu, Katie Kelley, Aram Hezel, Nabeel Bardeesy
WNT Pathway - Luke Boulter, University of Edinburgh, UK
FGFR Pathway - Elizabeth Smyth, Royal Marsden Hospital, UK
Grantee Report: FGFR Pathway & Therapeutic Resistance - Lipika Goyal, MGH
Grantee Report: A Hippo and FGFR Autocrine Pathway in CCA - Sumera Rizvi, Mayo Clinic
Panel Discussion/Q&A - Luke Boulter, Elizabeth Smyth, Lipika Goyal, Sumera Rizvi
Patient/Caregiver Perspective - Sarah Bennett & Linda Fleischer
Presentation of the 2017 Grant Awards - Stacie Lindsey, President, Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation
Debate: For Photodynamic Therapy for Cholangiocarcinoma - David Loren, Thomas Jefferson University
Debate: Against Photodynamic Therapy for Cholangiocarcinoma - John Bridgewater, University College London Hospital, UK
Debate: Photodynamic Therapy for CCA, Rebuttals/Discussion - David Loren, Thomas Jefferson University and John Bridgewater, University College London Hospital, UK
Delphi Panel Update - Renuka Iyer, Roswell Park Cancer Center
International CCA Research Network Update - Milind Javle, MD Anderson Cancer Center and Mitesh Borad, Mayo Clinic
IDH Pathways - Susan Pandya, Agios Pharmaceuticals
Grantee Report: Metabolic Reprogramming by IDH - Lee Shi, MGH
IDH Pathways - Hao Zhu, Susan Pandya, Lee Shi
Global Focus - Ghassan Abou-Alfa, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Day 3
(Basic, Translational & Clinical Research)

Targeting the Immune Response & Stroma - David DeNardo, Washington University
Adoptive Cell Therapy - Eric Tran, NIH
Panel Discussion / Q&A - David DeNardo, Eric Tran, Nabeel Bardeesy
Nursing Advisory Board Update - Susan Acquisto, The Bili Project Foundation
Radiation - Joseph Herman, MD Anderson Cancer Center
Chemotherapy - Juan Valle, University of Manchester, UK
Panel Discussion/Q&A - Panel Discussion - R. Mark Ghobrial, Joseph Herman, Juan Valle
Conference Closing - Stacie Lindsey, Aram Hezel, Juan Valle