Marianne Mowery

Marianne began life as a blonde haired, brown-eyed, youngest child of a middle class family. Being a cutie and the baby of the family, she was spoiled as only an Italian family can do. She enjoyed that status for 10 years, then, surprise! A new baby boy entered the picture and she was no longer the baby of the family. Her older sister says that’s when her competitive spirit was born that she had her entire life. That competitive spirit, and the envious ability to laugh at herself helped her survive her time as a single mother of 3, the many ups and downs of her career and the different physical health battles she faced throughout the years.

Marianne married her soulmate and love of her life, Gary on November 15, 1991. They enjoyed 29 years together as husband and wife, raising a strong and beautiful family. She adored her family and loved them fiercely. She was the soccer mom, the “I’m always there for you” mom, the team mom, the “everyone’s” mom. She was also a loving mom to many fur babies over the years. Some even joked they would like to come back and live as one of her dogs one day since she spoiled them so much. They even have a better wardrobe than we do!

Marianne’s favorite past times included traveling, shopping online and hiding her Amazon boxes (some of which haven’t even come in yet), playing board games with her grandchildren (even though they always won), relaxing on the beach, and watching Hallmark movies in her living room surrounded by her loved ones. While she wasn’t known for her culinary skills, nobody could deny she made the best lasagna, chicken pot pie, and stuffed artichokes.

After receiving the diagnosis of metastatic cholangiocarcinoma, she vowed to fight and win. And she did. Marianne fought her cancer with courage and strength giving her family an extra 11 months with her. She fought to see her son get married, the birth of her newest grandson, and to provide love and strength to her family. The last was her whole reason for living. She loved her husband, kids and grandkids with her whole heart and soul and would do anything she could for them.

Marianne returned to the church which helped support and further strengthen her faith, right up to the very end. Although we were not and never would be ready to say goodbye, she eventually decided it was time to go home with God and her loving parents on November 1st, 2020 (All Saints Day). She went only after giving her family a chance to say their goodbyes. Though Cholangiocarcinoma finally took over her body, she lived her life and died on her terms. With Marianne’s giving spirit, we are sure she’d like to see research find a way to eradicate this enemy so others may get to live and spend more time with their loved ones. There are some successful clinical trials going on right now so we’re not far away from improving the prognosis for this ugly disease. Please donate what you can. Anything will help.

The Mowery’s, Kerns’s, Soricelli’s and Cecconi’s.

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