For Cancer Patients, Mutations Matter

Molecular profiling can open the door to additional, personalized treatment options for those with cancer.

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Tell your doctor, now, that you’re interested in molecular profiling.

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Molecular Profiling for Cancer Patients

No two tumors are exactly alike. Even among people with the same type of cancer, the cells that make up each person's tumor have their own unique features—or mutations. These mutations can affect how—or if—the tumor will respond to various treatments.

Molecular profiling is a test your doctor can order to find out which mutations are present in the cells that make up your tumor. Molecular profiling could open the door to other treatment options, including targeted therapies, immunotherapies, and access to clinical trials.

How and When to Be Profiled

The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation strongly urges early testing for all patients with any type of cancer.

The best time to be profiled is now, or as soon as possible, as the results can help direct your treatment.

Insurance Coverage for Molecular Profiling

Recognizing the value of molecular profiling in a variety of cancers, more and more, insurance companies are covering this testing.

Know More About Your Molecular Profiling Options

Perthera has partnered with the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation to help guide you and your doctor through the genetic profiling process.

Perthera: Helping patients facilitate molecular profiling

Perthera is a company that facilitates the molecular profiling process.  Perthera will help you and your doctor get your tumor tissue sample to a participating lab. Once the molecular profiling is complete, Perthera will gather the lab information and provide you and your treating physician with a comprehensive and understandable guide to your tumor.  Perthera’s report will provide you with possible options for treatments and clinical trials.

Molecular Profiling Process:

  • Discuss molecular profiling with your physician
  • Complete Perthera Form below
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  • Perthera will facilitate biopsy and delivery of tumor sample to participating labs.
  • Perthera will analyze results and provide a Perthera Report.Report includes:
    • A comprehensive analysis of your cancer using molecular data
    • Possible treatment options that match your cancers genetic profile, including specialists, clinical trials and other available treatments.
  • Discuss treatment options provided by Perthera with your physician.

Talk with your doctor about Molecular Profiling.

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