Industry Council

The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation (CCF) appreciates the ongoing commitment, engagement and support of our colleagues in industry who share our passion for addressing the unmet needs of cholangiocarcinoma patients. We are so grateful for the increasing level of interest in this disease among so many companies. In recognition of this robust therapy development environment, CCF is excited to announce our Industry Council (IC), whose purpose is to provide a collaborative forum for ongoing engagement and build stronger partnerships on areas of mutual interest.


  • Elevate your company’s profile within the CCA community.
  • Provide input and recommendations on IC meeting topics and related projects.
  • Engage in annual opportunities for the IC to customize a query of the CCF Patient Registry.
  • Engage in annual opportunities for the IC to conduct one patient survey with CCF.
  • Priority access to conducting one educational clinical trial webinar for patients.
  • Opportunity to collaborate with allied companies working in the cholangiocarcinoma space to address community challenges and accomplish mutually beneficial goals and educational materials.
  • Opportunity to participate in planning/promotions for global Cholangiocarcinoma Awareness Day/Month (including working with nonprofit CCA partners).
  • Recognition of IC membership in CCF emails, press release(s), and online channels (including the CCF website).
  • Priority booth selection at Annual Conference
  • Premium time slots for Industry Forum and Patient Advisory Board
  • Quarterly engagement with CCF leadership
  • Learn more about the importance of advocacy

Looking Ahead

Here are a few projects we are undertaking

  • Covid-19 effects on our community
  • Develop more patient education videos
  • Growing Patient Registry Data through collaboration with Ciitizen
  • Develop Standardized Informed Consent

Industry Council Members : 2022

Boehringer Ingelheim_Logo
Logo Ad Zymeworks

Building on Past Successes

  • FDA meeting
    • Pharmaceutical and biomarker testing companies came together with the objective of streamlining the approval process of CCA therapy
  • Increased number of clinical questions added to Patient Registry.

Join the Industry Council!

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