Step inside The Kwong Lab

Step inside The Kwong Lab

Lawrence Kwong

Principal Investigator:

Lawrence Kwong, PhD, Assistant Professor of Translational Molecular Pathology


University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center





4 postdoctoral fellows, technicians, and students; 2 visiting students

Message to Patients

  • Dr. Kwong would like to stress that patients are the number one focus at MD Anderson. Therefore, as a researcher, it is vitally important that our laboratory maintain human contact with patients through communications, attending conferences where patients and survivors are present, and keeping in close contact with doctors who specialize in cholangiocarcinoma.


The laboratory is establishing new cholangiocarcinoma mouse models and cell lines to test drug combinations and understand how DNA is affected by this cancer.

Greatest Achievement:

Dr. Kwong considers collaborating with cholangiocarcinoma- specializing doctors including oncologists, pathologists, and radiologists at MD Anderson and elsewhere as a major step towards linking our findings in the laboratory to real-life patients as our greatest achievement thus far.

Greatest Challenge:

Particularly as a new researcher, Dr. Kwong’s greatest challenges relate to funding his research. Combined with falling national funding rates, the rarity of cholangiocarcinoma makes it difficult to convince funding committees of the extreme urgency for cholangiocarcinoma patients. However, with the great efforts of the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation and the growing body of cholangiocarcinoma researchers, these challenges can be effectively addressed.
Cholangiocarcinoma Research Publications
CCF Funded Research

Award: 2015

Amount: $50,000

Study: Targeting BAP1 in Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma

Researcher: Dr. Milind Javle, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Purpose: To identify molecular subgroups of cholangiocarcinoma

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