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Dear Friends:

We have made significant progress in the 16 years that we have worked together to advance our shared vision of a world free from cholangiocarcinoma. Our community has collaborated in remarkable ways, and we have begun to change the trajectory of this rare cancer. In the last two and a half years alone, we have celebrated five new, FDA-approved treatments that would not have happened without the grit and courage of our brilliant scientists and clinicians, our industry colleagues, and, of course, the patients and caregivers who are at the center of everything we do.

CCF’s extraordinary board and staff have spent the last year finalizing a new strategic plan to realize our mission of finding a cure and improving the quality of life for cholangiocarcinoma patients. I am delighted to share the result of this labor of love – a bold and concrete action plan focused on the core values of CCF: Patients First, Collaboration, Innovation, and Urgency. This plan is designed to be a community guide as we work toward the next major milestones in defeating cholangiocarcinoma.

This strategic plan is the culmination of months of iterative work. We engaged our diverse stakeholder community in this process – including cholangiocarcinoma patients and families, scientists and clinicians, and industry leaders. We are grateful to so many individuals who generously gave of their time to help up with this process.

We are already hard at work on initiatives and programs that tie directly to the elements of this plan and will be reporting regularly on our progress.

On a personal note, I am so proud of everything we have been able to accomplish as a Community.   I am energized and motivated by the collective commitment to our vision and mission this plan reflects.

Stacie Lindsey
Founder & CEO
Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation
Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation - 5526 West 13400 South #510, Herriman, Utah 84096, USA

Vision: A world free of cholangiocarcinoma

Mission: Find a cure and improve the quality of life for cholangiocarcinoma patients

Our Core Values

Patients First.

Patients are central to everything we do. They influence how we plan, implement, and measure our success.


CCF is the catalyst for collaborative opportunities, bringing scientists, clinicians, and other stakeholder groups together to share research, resources, and funding.


CCF actively pursues innovative methodologies, technologies, and partnerships to energize and drive our programs, research, and funding strategies.


CCF addresses the urgent need for a cure by motivating action, pushing boundaries, and challenging the status quo.

Identify, Expand, and Mobilize Global Stakeholder Community so that stakeholders can easily find and engage with CCF

PEOPLE: Identify, Expand, and Mobilize Global Stakeholder Community so that stakeholders can easily find and engage with CCF Patients | Caregivers | Scientists | Industry | Volunteers | Medical Professionals | Partner Organizations | Regulatory Agencies | Donors


Donors understand the impact of their support and continue to engage with the mission


Staff, board, and volunteers are trained, supported, and engaged


Programs meet the needs of the community and are tracked and evaluated for effectiveness


CCF engages in transformative partnerships and collaborations


The CCF community can clearly communicate what we do and why it matters


Execute programs with excellence and accountability

The result is a strategic plan that focuses on leveraging our approach to operate as a world-class organization in delivering on eight strategic priorities within two major pillars:

Patients & Caregivers

Connect, Educate & Support, Engage, and Empower Patients & Caregivers

CCF CONNECTS to patients and caregivers early and often

CCF provides access to EDUCATION AND SUPPORT for patients and caregivers

CCF facilitates patient and caregiver ENGAGEMENT in the community

CCF EMPOWERS patients and caregivers to participate in and advance research

Research & Breakthroughs

Facilitate, Catalyze, Fund Research, and Support Breakthroughs

CCF FACILITATES the availability of global basic and translational resources

CCF collaborations CATALYZE innovation and progress

CCF FUNDS high-risk/high-reward research and supports long-term careers in CCA research

CCF reduces barriers for companies developing BREAKTHROUGH drugs and devices

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a brighter future for cholangiocarcinoma patients