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These cancer definitions and this glossary are adapted from the National Cancer Institute’s online glossary.

Acronyms and Abbreviations related to NCI and Clinical Trials

ACRONYM Full Name Comments
ALLIANCE Alliance Group NCTN Group, formerly ACOSOG/NCCTG/CALGB
ASCO American Society of Clinical Oncology Professional Society
BCSC Breast Cancer Steering Committee
BICR Blinded Independent Central Review
BIQSFP Biomarker, Imaging and Quality of Life Studies Program
BMSC Brain Malignancy Steering Committee
CCCT Coordinating Center for Clinical Trials Home of the Steering Committees and the BIQSFP
CCDR SC Cancer Care Delivery Research SC
CCG Center for Cancer Genomics (NCI)
CCOP Community Clinical Oncology Program (NCI) Now the NCORP
CCR Center for Cancer Research (NCI) NCI Trials conducted at the NIH Clinical Center
CCSG Cancer Center Support Grant (NCI)
CCTG Canadian Cancer Trials Group Formerly National Cancer Institute of Canada (NCIC)
CEA Comparative Effectiveness Analysis
CER Comparative Effectiveness Research
CIRB Central Institutional Review Board
CISC Cancer Imaging Steering Committee
CLIA Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments Standards and requirements for commercial clinical laboratories
CMS Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (DHHS) Medicare and Medicaid
COG Children’s Oncology Group NCTN Group
COI Conflict of Interest
CR Complete Response Clinical Trial Endpoint
CRADA Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (NCI) Public/Private Research Agreement
CRI Clinical Research Initiative Association of American Cancer Institutes
CSDD Center for the Study of Drug Development
CSR Center for Scientific Review (NIH) NIH center that reviews grants
CT Computed Tomography CT or CAT scan imaging procedure
CTAC Clinical Trials and Translational Research Advisory Committee (NCI)
CTCAE Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events Also see PRO CTCAE
CTEP Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program (NCI) Responsible for NCI Treatment Clinical Trials
CTMB Clinical Trials Monitoring Branch (NCI) Responsible for auditing ongoing trials
CTPM Clinical Trial Planning Meeting Meeting to identify strategic directions for cancer clinical trials
CTROC Clinical Trials and Translational Research Operations Committee (NCI) Internal NCI Review Body of Senior Leadership
CTSA Clinical and Translational Science Awards
CTSU Cancer Trials Support Unit Supports the management and conduct of trials
CTTI Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative Public/Private Collaboration
CTU Clinical Trials Unit
CTWG Clinical Trials Working Group NCI Working Group Advisory Report 2005
DCB Division of Cancer Biology (NCI)
DCCPS Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences (NCI)
DCEG Division of Epidemiology and Genetics (NCI)
DCP Division of Cancer Prevention (NCI) Responsible for NCI Prevention and Screening Trials
DCTD Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis (NCI)
DEA Division of Extramural Activities (NCI) Review and Funding of NCI Grants and Contracts
DHHS Department of Health and Human Services Department that includes NCI and NIH
DSMB Data Safety and Monitoring Board Independent group that monitors trials for safety
ECOG-ACRIN Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG) and the American College of R One of five NCTN Groups
EDRN Early Detection Research Network Discovery, development and validation of biomarkers (detection)
EMR Electronic Medical Record
EORTC European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer
ETCTN Experimental Therapeutics Clinical Trials Network (NCI)
FACA Federal Advisory Committee Act
FAR Federal Acquisition Regulations
FDA Food and Drug Administration
FDAAA Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act of 2007
FNIH Foundation for the National Institutes of Health
FOA Funding Opportunity Announcement
FOIA Freedom of Information Act
GCSC Gynecologic Steering Committee (NCI)
GISC Gastrointestinal Steering Committee (NCI) Reviews NCTN trial concepts for GI cancers
GIST Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors
GOG Gynecologic Oncology Group Part of the NRG Group of the NCTN
GUSC Genitourinary Steering Committee (NCI)
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
HNSC Head and Neck Steering Committee
HRQoL Health Related Quality of Life
IC Institute or Center (NCI/NIH)
ICF Informed Consent Form
IDB Investigational Drug Branch (CTEP/NCI)
IDE Investigational Device Exemption
IDSC Investigational Drug Steering Committee (NCI)
IND Investigational New Drug
IOM Institute of Medicine Renamed Health and Medicine Division (HMD) of the NAS
IP Intellectual Property
IRB Institutional Review Board Also see Central IRB or CIRB
LKSC Leukemia Steering Committee
LOE Level of Enthusiasm
LOI Letter of Intent
LYSC Lymphoma Steering Committee
M/U Minority/Underserved
MRC Medical Research Council The UK version of NIH/NCI
MRD Minimal Residual Disease
MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MYSC Myeloma Steering Committee (NCI)
NAS National Academies of Science
NCAB National Cancer Advisory Board (NCI)
NCCN National Comprehensive Cancer Network
NCD National Coverage Decision/Determination
NCI National Cancer Institute
NCIC National Cancer Institute of Canada Now called the Canadian Cancer Trials Group (CCTG)
NCORP NCI Community Research Oncology Program Formerly called CCOPs (Clinical Community Oncology Program)
NCRA NCI Council of Research Advocates
NCTN National Clinical Trial Network Formerly called Cooperative Groups
NIH National Institutes of Health
NRG National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project (NSABP), the Radiation Formerly independent groups of NSABP, RTOG and GOG
OAR Office of Advocate Relations (NCI) NCI within the Office of the Director
OCPL Office of Communications and Public Liaison
OCR Office for Civil Rights (DHHS)
OD Office of the Director (NCI)
OEWG Operational Efficiency Working Group (NCI)
OGCR Office of Government and Congressional Relations
OHRP Office for Human Research Protections Within DHHS
OMB Office of Management and Budget
OS Overall Survival Clinical Trial Endpoint
PA Program Announcement (NCI/NIH)
PASC Patient Advocate Steering Committee (NCI)
PASTSC Pediatric and Adolescent Solid Tumor Steering Committee (NCI)
pCR Polymerase Chain Reaction
pCR Pathologic Complete Response
PDUFA Prescription Drug User Fee Act
PERCIST PET Response Criteria in Solid Tumors
PET Positron Emission Tomography
PFS Progression Free Survival
PI Principal Investigator The researcher who developed a study or a concept
PIO Protocol Information Office (NCI) Tracks concepts and handles official communications with NCTN
PLLSC Pediatric Leukemia and Lymphoma Steering Committee
POG Pediatric Oncology Group Became COG/Childrens Oncology Group
PRC Protocol Review Committee (NCI) Internal NCI committee that reviews concepts prior to SC review
PRO Partial Response
PRO Patient Reported Outcome
PRO CTCAE Patient-Reported Outcome for Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events
QIBA Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers Alliance
QoL Quality of Life
QOPI Quality Oncology Practice Initiative
R01 Research Project Grant/R01 The most common type of NCI/NIH scientific grant
RECIST Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors
RFA Request for Applications (NCI/NIH)
RPG Research Project Grant/R01
RTOG Radiation Therapy Oncology Group Now part of NRG
SACHRP Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Human Research Protections
SC Steering Committee (NCI)
SPECT Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography
SPORE Specialized Programs of Research Excellence
SSC Scientific Steering Committee (NCI)
SWOG Southwest Oncology Group One of five NCTN Groups that conduct NCI clinical trials
SxQoL SC Symptom Management and Health-related Quality of Life SC
TF Task Force Subgroup of a Steering Committee with a defined objective
TMSC Thoracic Malignancy SC (NCI)
TRWG Translational Research Working Group
US Ultrasound Imaging procedure
VA U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
WG Working Group Subgroup of a Steering Committee with a short term objective
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