The Sugar Shack

A successful swim is built around endurance but support from others is a mental lift when the physical body is fatigued. Barbi Frances was aware of that and decided to make sure her customers did, too. Posted in her downtown Kirkwood store, The Sugar Shack, is an article from the Webster-Kirkwood Times and a container labeled, "Change for the Channel," to accept donations. The candy store owner has also gotten out from behind the counter and kayaked along with Jonathan during his training swims in support.

"She has been such an important part of my efforts," he said.

Everyone can join Barbi in supporting 21 Miles of Hope. Share this QR Code.



Most English Channel swims will start at either Shakespeare's Cliff or Samphire Hoe in England between Folkstone and Dover. They will then swim across the Straight Of Dover and will shoot to aim for Cap Gris-Nez in France! The endpoint can change depending on the conditions and the swimmer’s speed but the target and shortest distance is 21 miles from Shakespeare's Cliff or Samphire Hoe to Cap Gris-Nez. Any other ending point will be more than the 21 miles.