Presentation Webinar Guidelines

The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation (CCF) is interested in providing high quality educational materials for patients including information regarding current clinical trials which may be available to those affected by biliary tract cancers.  To support this effort, CCF is interested in working with healthcare organizations and industry to facilitate informational webinars which may provide details about potential treatment options.

To provide consistency between presentations, all webinars will follow a pre-determined format, and be moderated by CCF\'s Patient Advocacy Coordinator or a trained patient advocate. Webinars will be 60 minutes in duration and should be presented by the trial\'s Primary Investigator or key medical professionals.

Content shall include:

  • A 5-minute introduction and overview, including the gov trial number if applicable
  • A 35-minute presentation which may include either live video of the presenter, voice over with Power Point slides, embedded recorded video clips, or a combination of these styles
  • 20 minutes for Q & A. Registered attendees will have the opportunity to pre-submit questions, or submit questions via live chat during the webinar
  • Provision of a patient-friendly \"click and print\" overview of the topic or the trial information is encouraged, this allows the patient to bring the content to their treating physician for discussion.
  • A closing slide with additional contact information for viewers who wish to reach out with post-webinar questions should be provided
  • All materials presented should be of a non-promotional nature
  • All slide presentations and webinar recordings will include the following disclaimer: CCF does not endorse any trial. This webinar is being provided for informational purposes only
  • CCF will provide a PowerPoint template for all presentations
  • Presenters will need to sign a Video Consent Form (attached)
  • To ensure that the presentation is \"patient-friendly\", it will be especially important to explain acronyms.
  • A \"dry run\" will be conducted a few days in advance of the webinar

Regarding Marketing:

  • Clinical trials webinars will be only be held for trials posted on CCF\'s website
  • Webinars will be publicized to CCF\'s email list and posted on CCF\'s social media and web sites. Presenters are encouraged to promote their webinar independently
  • Webinar announcements will be sent at least one month in advance of the event; reminders will go out each week
  • Individuals interested in attending the webinar will be required to RSVP in advance to CCF via GoToWebinar
  • Contact information for attendees will not be provided to any presenters, however, information as to how many people registered and viewed the webcast will be available
  • Following the webinar, evaluation forms will be emailed to all attendees. Evaluation results will be shared with the presenter
  • All Webinars will be recorded and posted on CCF\'s YouTube channel for enduring viewing within one week of the live broadcast.  Links to the clinical trials webinars will also be posted on CCF\'s Clinical Trial page, on the Discussion Board, on social media and emailed to CCF\'s mailing list within one week.

Webinars will be held at a time and date to be mutually agreed upon by both parties.  The monthly webinar slots will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis, with priority given to Industry Council members.

Medical professionals or industry companies interested in conducting a Webinar in partnership with CCF should demonstrate their interest by completing the form below. A Patient Advocate will be in touch within one week of submission.

Please provide:


  • Preferred date of presentation
  • Preferred time of presentation
  • Title of presentation


  • Facilitator(s) name
  • Facilitator(s) affiliation
  • Facilitator(s) email
  • Facilitator(s) headshot


  • Presenter(s) name
  • Presenter(s) affiliation
  • Presenter(s) email
  • Presenter(s) headshot
  • Presenter(s) brief bio (2-3 sentences max)
  • Patient-friendly explanation about presentation (2-3 sentences max)