William Dithomas

William Dithomas

July 23, 1950 – September 2, 2017

  • We look at our father and see an incredible, funny, caring man. I don’t think there is anyone that could even compare to him…  He is and always has been such a great father, husband, papa, uncle, nephew, friend & brother in so many ways!
  • There was always so much love in our home growing up and still the same when we visit. He taught me as a little girl how to value myself .. he taught my brothers how to love unconditionally & how to stand an be the men they are today. He taught us all some many things we carry within us daily.
  • How important it was to be able to laugh together and respect one another what values were actually important.. how important family is. How important it is to help the less fortunate. To do what you can for people and just love, care and respect each other most importantly.
  • The love he showed us and our mother taught us all what love really is. There never seemed to be a worry with four kids.. he made everything fun and let us be who we were even at the darkest times. As adults now we think of how lucky we are! He is the definition of a great father & just all around wonderful man.’
  • Those that know him know how he loved to make you laugh. Loved to see people happy & helped anyway he could. The type of person that will give all he has to help in anyway he could.

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