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    Derin and Susie……I too am over the moon for you. You are the “living” proof that people can live with this cancer. Congratulations to you both.
    I am wondering: would you be interested in sharing your story in the survivorship thread:http://www.cholangiocarcinoma.org/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=15293

    It is one additional way to highlight your incredible success which translates into hope for others.

    Thanks for considering



    Hey! Susie Q, so great to see your smiling face and a gigantic WHOOPPEE for you!!! I love all the cancer free posts as it goes to show ya we have come a long way in just a few years and that is much to give others miles of hope and Miracles! It is the season of Miracles!


    Glad to hear you are doing so well!
    I too am alive and kicking! My last ct was in April and cancer free.
    Take care!


    Way to go Derin!!

    And…Metallica will be touring in 2017!



    So happy to hear you are cancer free! May you continue to live life to the fullest. Stay happy and healthy!

    What a day it will be when they find a (dare I say) vaccine or if not, a cure for all type of cancers!




    You definitely made me smile & made my day. What great news. So happy for you. Thanks for sharing this positive post with us.



    Congratulations Derin, 5 years can sneak right by you, and that is good, according to the medical community, you are considered ‘cured’ at 5 years. Every year, month, or day is a priceless gift, may you continue to be able to do the things you love and live life fully every day. May your good fortune continue, Pat


    Yep, still fishing. Repairing rods and selling on Ebay for fun also. Getting better at the repairs each time I try one! Thanks for the kind words too. Hoping I can make everyone smile a bit today and of course run thru other posts!


    Oh. my gosh! Derin!!! Two bestest things happened today, one is hearing from you and the other is your awesome news! Taking Sydney to Broadway and it seems like she was just 13! Are you still fishing. OMG! I am so elated at seeing you on the Board and doing my cartwheels ( in my mind) about your having kicked CC to the curb. You actually finally put me at a loss for words. Lov e you and your news to the moon and back! ENJOY!


    I owe some apologies to everyone for not posting as much and for taking as long to post this. on 9/14 it will be my 5 year resection anniversary (and as an aside, it’s also the 5 year anniversary of the Big Four (Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer, and METALLICA) playing at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. I asked the doc if I could go after the surgery and he suggested that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea… :) ). I flew to NY with my daughter on 8/9/16 and had an office visit with Dr. Jarnagin to review all of my films. I wrote the following on FB on 8/11 which was the day before my 21st wedding anniversary. Life is good, lucky to be here!!

    “Cancer? What Cancer?? I’m sitting here in NY at my inlaws on the 26th floor balcony in the North Shore Towers overlooking the golf course and Grand Central Parkway typing this with the utmost humility and sincere gratitude for everyone who has supported me, said prayers, good thoughts, positive comments online, and everything else that has transpired over the past 5 years. As you know, cancer in 2011, it came back in May 2015 and we did more chemo and maybe, just maybe, some holistic medicinal herbs here and there.… I had 3 scans over the past 6-9 months and all said “No evidence of disease”. All of my doctors in Florida said they don’t think I have any more cancer. I decided to take a trip to Sloan Kettering and see my surgeon, Dr. Bill Jarnagin, who did my original surgery. It’s official from multiple sources, I DON’T HAVE ANY MORE CANCER IN ME!!!! I’m running with that for sure!! That being said, Sydney Hampton and I are going to go to see Matilda on broadway tonite and are headed to the city shortly to hit a few museums along the way. Again, thank you to everyone, and mean this with more sincerity that can ever be expressed. Support and positivity are absolutely necessary when anyone goes through this. Any negativity is not going to help at all. Until the next post!!!!”

    Of course, thanks goes out to this great community of people who are going through the same thing. Fight the good fight, always be positive! There’s no place for negativity, it doesn’t help anything and puts you in a bad mood also. Best of luck to everyone.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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