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    Hi Positivevibe,

    Welcome to our community and thank you for posting your story.  I hope you got good results from your scan.

    Your mention of retiring brought back a memory.  One of my doctors when I was diagnosed told me I must quit my job.  This was quite a shock because I loved my job, but I did retire (being of retirement age anyway) and ended up realizing this was actually a blessing.  I spent some time visiting friends and doing things I liked, and getting my house in order.  Later, former work colleagues started calling me for little jobs and I dipped my toe back into the work world but part-time and no stress.  Covid precautions make things more difficult now, I agree, to spend time with family and friends, especially when there are health concerns to think about.

    (Stopping work can create financial issues.  This reminds me to repeat for new readers a point related to stopping work that we have periodically posted — if you are in the U.S., cholangiocarcinoma (under the category of liver cancer) is a diagnosis that may offer patients expedited (compassionate allowance) access to social security disability benefits.  Here is the link for anyone interested:


    I hope your good results continue.  Please drop in from time to time and let us know how you are doing.

    Take care, regards, Mary


    Hello All,

    I was diagnosed in June, 2020. I had a Whipple procedure done on Aug 4, 2020. In the hospital for a week and overall not many complications. The pathology report showed 2 of 31 lymph nodes with cancer.  I started chemotherapy using Capecitabine in Sept and just completed it a week ago. Had my second CT yesterday and will get results tomorrow. My first CT scan was done 1/2 way through chemo and was clear. I’m hoping to get the same result again tomorrow. The chemo was very mild for me. Some minor diarrhea and stomach issues but nothing difficult. This style of chemo is really amazing and I hope it has done the job. I don’t see it mentioned very often so wonder about it.

    As it is for anyone, this is not an easy process. For me, so far, I have had all good results. I am 65 and have decided to retire. No one knows where this will go so will spend my days trying to enjoy each moment. The Covid-19 pandemic has also complicated all this. Another side effect of the virus. Hard not being able to travel and see friends and family. I had a very close friend succumb to pancreatic cancer a month ago, 1 year after diagnosis. I was not able to visit him. Very sad for me. We did virtual meetings often, but not quite the same a in person. He and I shared the process of cancer but now he is gone. Hoping to fill the gap with this discussion group.

    To all who are in the process now my love and encouragement goes out to you all. Whatever happens to us, I know that life is a wonderful gift and I do truly appreciate it. Take as much of your time to do the same. I know it’s not easy when health suffers.




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