Ablative Radiotherapy Doses Lead to a Substantial Prolongation of Survival?

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    Hi Mary, Thanks very much for your response. You’ve confirmed my impression that no papers have been published recently (i.e. last year or two) on this subject. I did find one retrospective study on hypofractionated RT that showed promise, but nothing on ablative RT. One of Dr Crane’s co-authors who was principal investigator for the clinical trial that never took off is at Mass General, so we will reach out to him  to determine if ablative RT for ICC  is currently being practiced there. Also I’ll sit in on the CCF webinar this afternoon with Dr Goyal, also from MGH, to see if she offers any insights. Depending what we learn from MGH, it may be a good idea to contact Dr Crane at MSK. The CCF is such a valuable resource! Thank you. BetsyB


    Hi Betsy,

    Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.  Regretfully, I don’t have a whole lot of information to share.  I looked around in the medical literature and after the several articles and the trial you mention around 2015-2016, there is not much other than a few studies where this approach is tried for other GI cancers.  The general conclusion seems to be that this treatment holds very good promise but more research is needed.  A caregiver posted about a year ago (“inthefight”) also asking about ablative radiotherapy.  This board member reported having been in contact with MD Anderson where the treatment was indicated to be available, and planned to reach out next to MSK where Dr. Crane is now and also to Mass General, for reasons not explained.

    If this treatment is something you are interested in, I would recommend you reach out to Dr. Crane at MSK.  Maybe call his office and see if someone on his team would be willing to discuss this potential treatment with you.   You could ask for names of other radiologists who are also experienced in this approach.

    I wish I had better information for you, and wish you the best as you look into treatment options.

    Regards, Mary



    I just watched the Dec 2015 webinar that Dr Crane presented to CCF regarding MD Anderson’s success in treating unresectable ICC with ablative radiation doses. I’ve also read the article in PubMed that he wrote and looked up the clinical trial that was launched in Sept 2014. The clinical trial was terminated, apparently because it could not attract any patients. Dr Crane made this sound like such a big advance in treatment, with results comparable to resection. Does anyone know anything more recent about this treatment? Thanks. BetsyB

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