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    My Mom played with a poker machine. How about a laptop so he/she could play spider solitaire (very addictive), or catch up on tv episodes (hulu), etc.


    At Duke medical center in the chemo area they have puzzles that people bring and the completion of them is an ongoing thing. The chemo room is open and everyone has their own tv to watch but others choose to walk around and visit, chat, knit or crochet, smock, read, play video games or bring small video’s to watch their own movies. My Mom’s favorite thing believe it or not is to send my Dad and me down to the cafe to bring her something to eat!

    The staff is friendly and they have cancer survivor volunteers that will visit around, answer questions from a personal point of view and just offer encouragement.

    It’s a very friendly and comforting setting.


    I bring a book or sometimes my laptop computer. My hospital offers free wi-fi.


    How about playing cards? Or chemo bingo with everyone in the room?



    My wife bought me an iPOD. I turn it on right before treatment and before I know it, I am being disconnected from the IV. Our chemo room is also open. My wife’s aunt is also being seen at the center. When we are there at the same time her and I talk about treatment, etc.


    Yes, I agree with the others. My wife takes a crossword puzzle book with her. A bible is good if you believe. Also our room is usually crowded with others and everyone has cancer so it is a good place to listen and share experiences, pick up some healthy eating advice and get the staff to TRY to answer questions. They usually allow me to sit with her too, unless it is real crowded.


    Like Suzanne I too have a Nintendo DS and an Archos 605 with some music and videos to watch. Seems you just get interested in something like a good movie or book and its time to go home. Our chemo room is also open so there are always people about willing to pass the time of day with you – and dont forget the staff they are a mine of information and will generally impart such if they can spare you a couple of minutes in passing.



    Jeff – you’re an animal!


    I have a Nintendo DS that I take with me to chemo, and do crosswords, hide-a-word, anagrams, etc, that . Also I take a book, my ipod, and the portable DVD. However, most of the time I end up watching TV, talking to my husband, or the people around me (the “chemo room” is open so there are several people getting chemo at the same time). Somehow, 4 or 5 hours goes by before I know it.


    Hand held electronic yahtzee game I use on the king’s throne. High score to date 602. Beat that one.


    Hi, I love Scrabble and it really passes the time. I have a mini set I take on vacations and its no bigger than a purse. I do need my granny glasses but thats ok. Grandkids beat me anyway!


    Thanks…yes I was just thinking of some activities that may help bring about positive thoughts and relaxation… things like small craft activities, scrapbooking (if that’s a hobby), etc.
    Any ideas are appreciated! Thanks!


    rjoday….while my husband was undergoing chemo treatments unless otherwise requested by him I made sure to always be present. Now, that I am thinking about it I realize the quality time we enjoyed during these treatments. Always, I carried work with me or a book for those moments that he wanted to doze off as he did, also however, mostly we talked about anything of interest or whatever demanded our attention. Others, those who also were undergoing treatments, were watching TV or, some were working on their computers. I am so glad for you to bring up this subject. I am interested to see what others suggest?


    Does anyone have advice for things to do during chemo? I’m trying to help someone pass the time. Any enjoyable activity to help pass the time, avoid stressful thoughts would be appreciated! (reading books/magazines, crossword puzzles, ??)
    Thank you,

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