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    I am a 51 yo widow – two children 15 and 17 (and some older stepchildren who are their half-siblings). Developed abdominal pain while going on vacation with my 17 yo son on 12/19/08 and was found to have extensive liver involvement by what looked like metastatic disease – including one huge (10 cm) primary tumor. Since diagnosed as having Type 4 CC metastatic to abdominal wall, nodes and lungs (small nodules) and am about to start a brand new clinical trial at Penn next week using gemcytobine, irinotecan, and pantimumubab. Although a physician myself I am not an oncologist- and, indeed, my private practice was mostly preventive medicine. Needless to say I was the picture of excellent health — and this diagnosis was devastating – especially given the situation with my children.

    I will keep everyone posted regarding my results with this new chemo regimen as a number of docs I have discussed it with feel it is a good one (the one I saw at MSKCC actually told me that I should do it rather than treat with them). And I am doing my best to retain a positive outlook – despite the pain meds I am on, the nausea, etc .. as I am convinced that this will help me make the most out of my treatment …… So – just wanted to say “hi”

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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