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    Sounds like you have everything covered…just wanted to let you know I have a dual port and was never asked to show my card…I also had a script from my Dr. stating I had a port but it was never an issue…I hope Lauren and Gio have a wonderful time….


    Bottled water only and ask your doctor for a prescription of antibiotic like Cipro to have on hand in case you have any intestinal troubles. This way you can avoid an expensive ER visit. Lots of sunscreen, chemo makes you more susceptible to sunburn…and last….have a blast !


    Pam, I was a travel consultant for 35 years although retired for 4 years. Looks like you covered everything. Just as a suggestion I would ask one of Lauren’s Docs if he knows anyone even just a GP Doctor in that area in case Lauren needs to call. I know Riviera Maya is about a 45 minute ride from Cancun which may be a better place to look for someone.
    I do know they will have a fabulous time, its a beautiful area and only about 30 minutes from the Mayan ruins. One last suggestion, don’t drink the water! LOL
    P.S. Last August I traveled with all my Diabetic supplies like Insulin. Had no problem at all as long as in original bottles.


    Hi Everyone.

    I know a lot of you travel by air and I just had a few questions. Lauren and Gio will be heading to Riviera Maya in Mexico in 9 days. We called the airport and asked some questions, but want to make sure there are no problems. Lauren carries all her meds in a little zipper bag in their original bottles. She has a port and she has a card stating what type it is. She has also had Theraspheres and has a letter stating she has had this procedure. Is there anything else she needs? Any other suggestions to make their trip enjoyable and stress free? Thanks in advance for your responses!!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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