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    Hi tnt,

    My dad used the Ensure drinks and they worked well for him, but when he started having other issues with his stomach and nausea his GI Specialist advised him to eat foods that were easier to break down such as soup and minced beef etc. Also, my mum needs to put on weight, not down to CC and she used Skandishakes powders. They are powders that can be mixed with milk or cream to make a sort of dessert and they work for her. The smoothie combinations is also a great idea and again this is something that my dads GI specialist recommended.

    Best wishes,



    Teddy loved Carnation Instant breakfast and I would add a banana , strawberries or etc and blend. Actually you can have it in place of any meal.


    Thank you all for the great recommendations. We just bought some Carnation Instant Breakfast yesterday and I am hoping that does the trick. We are also going to try some smoothie combinations. Thanks again!


    Hi there –

    My smoothie is similar to Susan’s; I don’t necessarily use it to keep up weight, but I frequently drink it in the morning just because it’s darn good for you. I use frozen mixed berries, plain yogurt (I’d opt for full-fat plain yogurt in your mother’s case), a great big handful of packed raw baby spinach, and Naked Juice’s Blue Machine. Feel free to sub milk or any gentle (non-acidic) juice in place. The fruit and juice totally mask the spinach and you get plenty of protein, calories, and amazing nutrition all in one glass.

    Also, advise having a serious discussion with oncologist about how to keep that nausea in check. Good luck!!


    I don’t know if she would be able to tolerate it, but we use greek yogurt, fruit, milk and ice to make homemade smoothies. It is one of the only things Randy can keep down these days. Blessings, Susan


    I posted this on your introduction note — have you tried good old Carnation Instant Breakfast? Full of nutrients and calories and sometimes eaisier on the stomach. Also, contact her doctor for some nausea meds to help her keep food down. Hope this helps.


    Hi – I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations. We have been giving my mom Ensure and Boost to try to supplement the calories/nutrients she is not getting from food as her appetite is very small. These are now upsetting her stomach and not staying down. Any other recommendations?

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