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    Hi Betsy,
    It is really good to hear from you! However, I’m sorry to hear that your surgery was not successful. Is there another procedure being considered? The way you have dealt with your duct issues is heroic… Maybe this new year will hold the answer. Prayers coming your direction,



    Congratulations on your 15 year anniversary! Your story is remarkable. I am however sorry to hear of your recent cholangitis attack. I am still struggling with my bile duct issues. The surgery in August doesn’t seem to have worked.

    Hope you enjoy the holidays with your family and friends.



    Hi, Marchoo

    may i ask How old your are?
    are you on any chemo after resection?
    Do you know the date your were diagnosis.?
    do you have a stent to put in?
    Your answers will help us to understand this disease more
    God bless?


    Hi Bob,

    Congratulations on being a 15-yr. CC survivor. I hope you have a very happy and healthy new year and many more years to come.

    Hi Nick,

    My husband’s tumor was the size of a softball when he had a resection over three years ago. Within six months he had multiple tumors appear. He has been on chemo since March 2009. He takes one day at a time and does as much as he can. He keeps a positive attitude and is an inspiration to me. Do all you can to win your fight with this terrible disease, because believe me, it is a fight. Sending well wishes your way, PeggyP


    Hi Nick,
    I don’t recall how large the tumor was nor have I heard of any relationship between the size of the tumor and recurrence. I believe that the more significant factor for long term survival is clear margins (which I didn’t have). It is however very good news that you were a candidate for surgery. That alone improves your chances. May God grant you many healthy years…

    God Bless!


    Hello Nick and welcome to our amazing family! Congratulations on already being a CC survivor! Can you tell us a little more about yourself? Where was your surgery done and did you have clean margins? Did they give you a follow up plan? I have not heard that the bigger the tumor the greater chance for recurrance. My suggestion would be to read up as much as you can as knowledge is the most powerful tool you can have for fighting CC. I would also suggest you repost your introduction under Introductions as I would hate to see you get lost on this longer thread. You have come to the right place and we hope to hear more from you and about you.


    I just had my resection in October, I am wondering how big Bobs tumor was?
    Mine was very big. 16cm and they say that the bigger the tumor the greater the chance for reoccurance, Prayer, eating right and thats all I can do



    Bob…What terrific news….your post has given so much hope to so many including myself! Its a reminder that you must have faith and hope..have a very Merry Christmas!


    Congratulations, Bob!!!! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!



    Thank you for posting, Bob:
    I am so glad to hear your news. Not about the fact that you still have “scanxiety” but that 15 years ago you had your surgery and you are still going strong!
    It is postings like this that keep us going. I loved reading your news.
    I myself am looking forward to being able to say “cancer free”. And I WILL love to add a number before those words as the years progress.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! May 2012 be good to you and your family.


    Bob, love your story AND your outcome! Fifteen years and counting … WOW! Truly an inspirational message of hope for those that think there’s none.

    Merry Christmas and many Happy New Year’s …


    Congratulations, Bob. You are our poster child. A happy Holiday to you and your wife.
    All my best wishes,


    Hi Gerry,
    The only time I really experienced fear or anxiety was just before doctor appointments. Someone here rightly referred to that as “scanciety”. The rest of the time I tried my best to live my life without allowing the CC to live in my head by trusting that God would treat me fairly no matter the outcome. Peace came from Him. Afterall, we really have no control and worry bears no good fruit. The good news is that you have completed 1 and a half years. Do that 9 more times and you too will have 15 years…

    God Bless!


    Bob, wow!!! You are an inspiration!

    I copied and forwarded your post to my wife. It will be the first thing she reads tomorrow morning. She had positive margins after her Whipple… she NEEDS to hear your story.

    Merry Christmas to you. Best Wishes in the New Year!!!


    Congratulations Bob. What a miracle you are. Happy Holidays.


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