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    My husband Anthony was diagnosed with PSC in August 2006 having suffered terrible itching for several months. He was treated with anti biotics for many bouts of cholangitis, he had several ERCPs to insert stents and spent months in hospital. Finally in April 2007 he began to feel better. He was prescribed rifampicin for the itching, the stents were working well and his bilirubin was back to normal. At precisely this time he was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma which was intrahepatic and inoperable because of its position across 3 lobes and around the portal vein.
    He had 6 months of gemcitabene/cisplatin which was hard going and with no tumour reduction but a very slight tumour progression within the liver.
    He then had a course of external beam radiation which finished in February 2008. He tolerated this well with few side effects but the latest ct scan has once again shown slight progression within the liver and has highlighted 2 possible small metastases in the lungs.
    We have been following this site to get information about the different treatments that are available for this cancer in the USA and have then been fighting to get them here in London UK. We had hoped to try for sir-spheres next but we are now really worried that the potential mets in the lungs might preclude this. Does any one have any knowledge or experience of this situation or any other suggestions? We would be very grateful!

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