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Anyone had HIFU for bone met pain?

Discussion Board Forums Pain Management Anyone had HIFU for bone met pain?

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    You’re welcome Willow. It was a good day and I learned a lot from the presentations, looking forward to the next one!


    Thank you, Gavin. Great that you made it to that conference!


    Hi Willow,

    A few links on HIFU –

    I was at a conference last week where Prof Wignore was a speaker and he has written a piece about HIFU on his blog –

    Best wishes,



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    High intensity focused ultrasound is “HIFU”
    My sister will have this relatively novel treatment for a bone met (rib). It’s used when radiation is not an ideal option. Anyone heard of or had this tx?

    Here’s a little more info:
    HIFU has been successfully applied in treatment of cancer to destroy solid tumors of the bone, brain, breast, liver, pancreas, rectum, kidney, testes, prostate.[9][10][11][12] At this stage, cancer treatments are still in the investigatory phases as there is a need to find more about their effectiveness.[citation needed]

    HIFU has been found to offer palliative care. CE approval has been given for palliative treatment of bone metastasis.[13] Experimentally, a palliative effect was found in cases of advanced pancreatic cancer.[14]


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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