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Anyone have a way to access full studies referenced here?

Discussion Board Forums General Discussion Anyone have a way to access full studies referenced here?

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    Hi Taxman,

    Just to add to what Mary said to you about using google or other search engines. What you could do is copy the entire abstract title word for word then paste that into google and that way you will have a much better chance of finding a link to the full piece that you are interested in.

    Eg –

    “Treatment outcomes for unresectable intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma: Nationwide, population-based, cohort study based on propensity score matching with the Mahalanobis metric.”

    That comes from the abstract you link in in your post and having put that into google it does seem to show another way to view the full piece.

    Hope some of that is useful and good luck with your googling.



    Hi Taxman,

    Your question is a timely one.  I had been recently looking at the medical journal websites wanting to update information on patient access programs, and discovered that some programs I was aware of seem to have been discontinued.

    Here are some things I do if wanting to look at an article that is not open access and for which the journal website has no patient access program:

    1.  Internet search the title.  Some articles circulate in various forms both limited and open access.

    2.  Then click on “images” on the search menu.  Sometimes this will let you look at the charts and graphs from the article even if you cannot read the article itself.  Most articles have the important info summarized in the charts and graphs, so this may tell you nearly as much as the full article.  Also, sometimes the medical journal page with the abstract will also allow you to look at tables, graphs and attachments, even if the article itself is not accessible.

    3.  Look at the different ways to buy the article.  Some journals offer a “read only” version that expires after a few days that can be just a few dollars.  I have only bought one article so far — it cost me $8 but I could not download it and the access expired after three days.  I took a lot of notes from the article while I had access.

    4.  If the study is about a specific treatment, e.g., a new drug, internet-search the drug name.  I find good information on cholangiocarcinoma treatments on investor websites.  Companies developing new drugs raise funding in the market or report out to shareholders, and they publish information on how their products in development are doing.

    5.  Check to see if your library or employer carries medical journal subscriptions.  The latter might work if you have a job  in the health field or in a big government agency that operates an internal on-line library.

    6.  Your doctor may not have the time or willingness, but if a medical journal article seems crucial to making a treatment decision, you could ask his or her help in accessing a copy.

    Having a rare cancer forces patients and caregivers to become researchers, doesn’t it?

    Regards, Mary


    I am a patient, not a doc. I have found some links to summary comments on a few studies on this board. For example But when I try to get to the study itself I need to pay or be a doc or member of a society. Is there a public domain access to info like this? Thank you!
    In particular, I have unresectable ICC and have only been able to find Asian studies. I am a white male in the US with no Asian ancestry, so I am concerned about the applicability of the results due to genetic differences. Again, thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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