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    Since learning that Feb is cholangiocarcinoma awareness month at the conference, I’ve been thinking of possible ways the foundation can raise awareness or fundraise for it.  While I’m not sure if these ideas are even feasible, perhaps someone in our cholangio community would know how to organize /implement these, hence the post:

    1- Use amazon smile.  Definitely feasible and easy- instead of shopping via, use and choose the cholangiocarcinoma foundation so that a portion of your spending goes to the foundation.  On an individual level it may not make a huge impact but on a large scale it can add up.

    2- Reach out to the NHL/NBC/Dallas Stars for a february awareness campaign- Since world cholangiocarcinoma awareness day is in February, the NHL and NBA are the only sports going on during it.  Last year (maybe two years ago?) a national NHL broadcaster who worked for the Dallas Stars and NBC died due to cholangiocarcinoma.  He spoke about it in public while battling the disease, but if the foundation can somehow get in touch with his family (for permission) maybe theres an opportunity to raise awareness this month. He also worked for ESPN and the Detroit red wings in the past I believe.  Does anyone have any connections with any of these organizations or the media?  The Dallas Stars are home for some games in february, and maybe if there are enough people living in the dallas area they can also fundraise at one of the concession stands for it- I found this link on the arena’s website explaining how to do this:  Similarly, any chance to get the Utah Jazz involved in an awareness campaign since they play in Salt Lake City?

    3- Reach out to the chicago bears for October’s NFL cancer awareness month- I believe this has been tried unsuccessfully in the past, but has there been any thought to teaming up with a PSC foundation ( for instance) for a combined petition to the bears? It’s well known that Walter Payton had PSC, and a little less known that he ultimately died of cholangiocarcinoma.  I know the foundation has a strong Chicago presence, and maybe a combined effort will help sway the Bears towards going green in october.

    Great meeting some of you at the conference


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