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    Thanks everyone. It has been a trying couple of days. But today, my husband and I walked to the grocery store and it felt great being in the crisp cool air. I am keeping positive and praying for that Christmas miracle!



    You are so funny. I am just catching up on the web site. I took a trip to Pittsburgh with my father to meet with Dr. Canady. Went very well. He is hopefull that he may be able to have surgery as well.
    Best wishes, Happy holidays!


    Hi Kris

    Just to let you know my thoughts are with you. It is not easy listening to any bad news and receiving negative responses to all of your suggestions for treatment, particulary when this site puts you in possession of so many possibilities. At least you know that if you can come back to Edinburgh you will receive first class care but, of course, it would be so much better if you did not have to come back. Professor Garden and the whole team at Edinburgh are acknowledged as being up there among the best.

    All the best



    Poems, Prayers and Promises to quote John Denver. Perhaps the question isn’t ‘if’ but rather ‘how many’ kids.

    Merry christmas



    Want you to know that I am included in the hope contest for you.

    Much love


    Kris… Relax and enjoy the Holidays. All the prayers and miracles are on your way. Listen for the jingling on the roof top.
    God Bless,
    Jeff G. P.S. We are are all awaiting your new red hair Picture. I’ll show you my bald one in return if the hair keeps falling out. Ha!


    Kris-the one saying they have at the Cancer Treatment Center of America is “there’s no place like hope” We hang on to that for us, you, and all the other CC members. Sending you the best wishes for miracles and more.


    Kris, definitely prayers are being said for you. Let Hans take care of you, rest, try to relax and have a wonderful Christmas! Much love from N.C.



    I went in to have my liver and bile dut spot brushed to find out what really was happening with that enlarged duct.

    On Tuesday morning, I had a brush sample and drain put in. When I came through the anestesia, I was more than a little sick. BRIGHT SIDE-when you eat nothing before the surgery, when you get sick, it doesnt really have any taste and there are no chunks to get stuck in your nose so you dont end up smelling it for hours on end.

    My drain decided to leak bile on surrounding tissue which causes the most severe and undescribable pain. BRIGHT SIDE-the pain killers dont really numb the pain, but it puts you to sleep for an hour or two and then you can get another injection.

    The complications meant I spent 3 nights in the hospital which meant I had a wonderful opportunity to improve my Swedish and I learned all sorts of new vocab words.

    I finally met with my wonderful doctor this morning and he was really brutally negative about the possiblity of surgery or anything. We asked so many questions and it seems like there might be a possibility for me to go back to Edinburgh if the surgeon who did my first surgery things he can do it again. There is the thought that since he knows where he put things, how much he took, etc then he would be the best bet to try again. My records are being sent to him now.

    Well, then we asked about the brushings and he said he hadnt heard anything yet. He told us to wait and he would be back. Needless to say, Hans and I were crying and holding each other, not a highlight of the year. An hour and a half later, he comes back and says the preliminary pathology reports for the brushings show NO cancer cells. I need to wait for a full analysis which will take time since it is Christmas. I also know that the first time I was diagnosed, the brushings came back negative, but I still have hope. My doctor-the funny little swede said-ITs like fishing. Just because you dont catch anything doesnt mean there are no fish in the water. I will enjoy this Christmas with my lovely husband and then on January 2, I will have a PET scan to investigate the area. I will meet a week later with the transplant doctor in Gothanburg to discuss my options. Talk about a roller coaster!!!! So besides making everyone read a very long post, I ask that you keep me in your prayers. I am looking for that Christmas miracle where they turn around and oops, no cancer, just scarring! The truly sick thing is that all I could think about when he said the brushing came back negative was oh good, the 2 year cancer free calender to try for children has not started over! Weird priorities I know-but keep me in your prayers.


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