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    Peggy, I’ m so sorry to hear!! I was lucky not having complications with embos till now, but as good as it can be, it also can go hard on the body. Really hoping things will turn!!!!!

    SweetGreen, happy to hear :) !! Tell him to start EASY and SHORT ( sometimes men have dificulties with that…)
    Hoping he also dicovers how much better one feels after, even on chemo! Training is magic on sideffects from chemo.
    On treatment, the hardest part might be rising from the sofa and putting on the shoes. Once you start running… You just keep going!

    Thank you Pamela :)



    Hi Maria,

    What a great run you had! Congratulations for being able to go the distance with such a great time. Sorry to hear about your MRI results but I know you will keep that fighting spirit and kill those tumors. John has continued to lose ground since his 2nd chemoembolization in April. I still hold out hope that we can get things turned around. Wishing you well, PeggyP



    You are such an inspiration!! Wow. I love how you said you put on your boxing gloves, got your sword and were ready for battle. Love the fighting spirit. Go get ’em, girl.

    Love, -Pam


    He will start training soon, now that he has read about you! Thank you!!


    Thank you all so much :) !!!!

    Mmking – I prefer a 20 mile run over chemo, no doubt ;) Rest… well, I´m not so good at resting. Just a little 5 miles today in an easy pace (have to get the dog out!)

    Randi – Wow, you´re a runner as well!! Love it! And that mantra :) Of course it is the training – everybody talks about the race, but training every week, in rain, in snow, in wind…AND on chemo, with anemia, thats the fight! This marathon (my third) I was happy all the way, as I did have it as a goal for a year. Most for just being able to participate!

    SweetGreen – I have been running and training other things all the way through my 2 year long treatment. Three or four weeks without running. My doc is sure this is way I´m still healthy in spite of a advanced cc. He even says the treatment must allow me to train as it seems to be as important as the chemo. Isn´t it possible for your husband to train at all with treatment? Just a little to start with?

    Biggest hugs to all of you!


    Hi Maria,

    My husband also has advanced, unresectable CC, and is a marathon runner. He ran his first marathon just before he started having symptoms this past October. He would love to run another one, but worries about if he can or if he’s over doing it. Your post today was really inspiring to us. He is currently on chemo, but had a CT scan and the doctor said it looks like everything is the same as when he was diagnosed — stable. So, he may get to take a break from chemo for a while and will have the energy to train again. For folks like us, I’m starting to wonder if CC can simply become a chronic disease for us, so that we can go back to living our normal lives. Your accomplishments since diagnosis seem to say that it can be. Thanks for being such an inspiration, Maria. Best of luck to you!


    Wow, Randi, you go girl! Never knew that about you, I admire you very much and the way you tackle or I should say run over it all! You and Maria both need to bottle and sell what ever it is that gives you your courage!



    Congrats on the marathon and the renewed fighting spirit! I ran a local marathon in 2005 to celebrate my 5 and 10 year cancer(s) survivor-ship. I trained just to finish it and believe me I did not break any land-speed records. It was one of the most difficult things I’ve done in my life (yes even after having cancer 3 times).

    I always tell people that it was not actually running the marathon that was the accomplishment for me. The accomplishment was the training…getting up at 5am and running 4 times a week with increasing distances, committing to my training partner and holding up my end of the deal by showing up for every single training run, completing it even if I had to walk parts, and being an encouraging partner. It’s the *fight*, the lead up, the “putting on my boxing gloves” that was the accomplishment.

    You can do this, you can channel all of your energy into getting past this latest setback. You are a champion, you are trained, you are strong.

    My mantra when I was running was “you are lean, you are mean, you are a marathon machine” so I think you are a “lean, mean, cancer fighting machine!! You go!



    WOW!!!! MARIA!!! YOU ARE A ROCK STAR!!! Congrats! I have run many marathons and it is not easy when you are NOT fighting cancer! and you sure did show CC who is boss! Stomp out cancer one stride at a time! You Go !
    Keep up the fight and run on…. You are GREAT!
    (a little story that maybe you can appreciate: I had a running /marathon friend who is a cancer survivor- and after we did our 20 miler training run for our marathon, he said he would choose Chemo over running 20 miles! (he was joking of course, but point is that marathoning is not easy)
    Hope you are recovering with a lot of good food and rest!


    not only did you run it – that’s a fantastic time!
    i’m a runner myself, and you are an incredible inspiration. congratulations!


    Maria, you are truly a CC Heroine! CONGRATULATIONS on the way you run right over that CC and what a wonderful thing you did, to give your medal to your Doctor. Beautiful! Keep on running girl, and keep on boxing that CC! We are one of your biggest cheering sections!


    Maria…yes, yes, yes. You are a winner in all regards. Congratulations on the spectacular accomplishment at the marathon and on the endless determination of beating this cancer. Kudos to you.


    As my boss said, my life is as a really bad american movie ;)

    December I decided to take a break from chemo as tumors were quiet.. Did a 6th chemoembolization in April.
    Last wednesday I got the result of the MRI; growth. The embos that has worked so well for me stopped working. Shock, of course, especially as I’ve felt so good this nearly 6 months. Working full time and training for my marathon.
    Back to GemCis. Of course I KNEW this was probable. But anyway.

    SO, after a HORRIBLE night in agony I put on my boxingloves, got my sword, and back to fight.
    Friday me and some friends took the train to Stockholm to run the Stockholm Marathon on Saturday in worst weather ever seen… +4 C, rain and winds of 10-18 m/s.
    Very proud and so happy to be able to tell you that I did it, in 4.27 :)
    And I felt STRONG all the way, and I kept the same pace all the way and it makes me feel that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!

    So, my tumors, prepare to die!

    HOPE to everybody!

    (PS Followed my plan and gave my medal to my doctor :) So he won’t forget that CC does not rule!)

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