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    Dear Desiree, if you Google Liver Flukes quite a few articles will appear on this fish. Very interesting. The Firsts of everything are hard and on Mom’s upcoming Anniversary I hope you are planning to do something to keep you “entertained” as I think she would love that. It would be a great tribute to her as she loved you and she loved life. Take Care


    Hi, everyone,

    Besides the fish is one of the problem in the Far East and Southeast Asia like Thailand; in middle east and including the above regions, afloatoxin of contaminated grains during storage(ie: moldy ) such as rice etc and the products that made with them also may play a role in the development of cholangiocarcinoma(ie: in Egypt) .and (ie: peanut butter and cooking oils are other examples).
    You know those days huger still a problem outside the States.
    God bless.


    Dear Adjuster 11

    My mother visited Iran many times and ate a lot of fish. I’m wondering if that was the cause. However, the rest of my family which consist of my 85 year old aunt and 2 cousins, live there too, but are fine. I wonder which fish carry those flukes? I wonder if it’s also hereditory? Would you happen to have informatin on it?

    My mother passed away last year on November 29th, which the one year anniversary is approaching. It her been hell for me as she was the only one I had.

    Thank you.



    Don, liver flukes is a parasite found in Asian countries that lives in a certain fish. We have quite a few Veterans from Korea, Nam etc who have had CC and while we cannot prove it we highly suspect it. My husband served in Korea and was always as healthy as one could get. BUT being Sicilian I know he would eat any kind of fish. If you Google liver flukes it tells all about it and it is very interesting. Thousands of people dying there even today from this parasite. Beside the parasite they cook it terribly. They let it sit in the sun for about 3 days then eat it AND this is such a delicacy they have trouble getting the people to stop eating it! Hope you are feeling good!


    I’m new to these forums (have only been approved to post for a week) so have been surveying all the incredible information available –
    I’ve seen references on other posts indicating CholangioCarcinoma is more widespread in the Middle East and Far East and your post shows shows important research is being done in thos areas – I personally find this interesting because I lived/worked and travelled extensively in Europe, Middle East and Far East during the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s so I’m curious as to whether I may have picked up some of the referenced liver flukes out there!!!
    Thanks so much for your information –
    Best Regards, Don

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