Bile Duct Surgery

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    Marions – My wife, who has both a Klatzins tumor and a metastasis in her liver, has been recommended for surgery after 10 months of chemo successfully reduced the metastasis to almost one-third its original size. I would like very much to e-mail directly to you to ask some specific information and advice about surgeons, but have not put her profile and an e-mail address on site because we presently have to use our daughter’s computer and she heavily uses it for work. Is there a way Stacie could act as a go-between to privately give you the EMail address that I provided to log in so that we could have a few exchanges? In this way my daughter wouldn’ t have to worry about unexpected EMails. Hopefully, we will have a computer soon. Thank you so much, and our prayers and best wishes for your husband and you.


    This is part of an interview with an Oncologist at a major clinical institutions. He could not recount in detail the number of patients with CC he had treated however, he believed it to be around 250 to 300 people.

    My question to him:

    Even though bilary surgery is risky to say the least but more so, a guaranteed outcome of success is debateable, in your experience, where do you stand on this issue:

    His answer:

    Clearly, why would somebody with bile duct cancer die, it is usually because of the inability to maintain bile flow, and if you can take the tumor out and reconstititue the bilary tree with a surgical hookup…..your are way ahead of the game……

    The mystery is, no one can predict who would do well and who wouldn’t do well from the onset. They just don’t know.


Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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