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    Hi, Lainy. Like most people we keep hoping for a miracle food to cure my daughter and then try to find the research to back it up.

    It is very time consuming making the broccoli juice so I thought the tablets might be easier for her.

    The juice looks awful enough but she then drinks a glass of water containing spirulina I have also researched that with again conflicting views on its worth.

    Maybe it is enough that she thinks they will do her good as long as they do not harm her.

    She goes to Christie’s tomorrow and should get her scan results, fingers are crossed these will be clear.


    Hi Hazel,

    As an addition to the links that Marion has given I would suggest taking a look at Macmillan and CRUK for more info as well. And I also agree with Lainy about speaking with your mums doc/onc about things like supplements etc. Does your mum have a Macmillian nurse? My dad had one and I have nothing but great things to say about the help that we got from her.

    My best to you and your mum,



    Hazel……this link provided by Memorial Sloan Kettering is lengthy, but addresses nutritional needs at any stage, during cancer treatments and thereafter:

    additionally, this link provides a good overview as well:

    You may also want to take a look at the the thread populated with member information:

    Hoping for others to chime in as well to share their thoughts with you.



    Hello, Hazel. I am afraid none of you will like my view, but it is just my view. One of my dear friends in Milwaukee is a Doctor of research, basically stem cell. Years ago on one of her visits, I was taking a bunch of vitamins that I thought I could not live without. She asked me if it ever showed on my LABS that I was short of anything and I said never. So I stopped taking them and long after my LABS remained the same. I just feel if you need something the Doctor will tell you. Also my daughter used to get upset with me as I used a sweetener instead of sugar and I asked Jeanne about that and her answer was you would have to consume a truckload for it to harm you. So, when it comes to something like the broccoli I would say what ever makes one feel better to be using it, but ask the DOC first before you consume a lot of anything! P.S. When Home Hospice was here for Teddy they said the same as my friend did.


    Every day my daughter makes a juice out of broccoli heads and other fruit and vegetables. I have been researching the active ingredient in broccoli, sulforaphane, and it seems that 80% of this is lost even when the broccoli is kept in the fridge.

    There are tablets available which contain sulforaphane but I am not sure if they would be better for her and if so, what dosage she would need.

    Has anyone got views on this subject?

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