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    mom had radiation in march 2011, right before noah’s bar mitzvah. her levels are climbing, she is having quite a bit of stomach pain, and she recently is VERY tired? I am not sure if it is dehydration, lack of proper nutrition. she was offered an opportunity to come to hopkins and try a vaccine trial, but have no idea where that stands….
    Please stay touch.


    Roni…..CA 19-9’s can climb into the thousands. Remember, it is only one of the diagnostic tools available and mainly is used to monitor treatment responses.
    From what we have seen on this site rising CA 19-9 tumor markers (generally)reflect progression of the disease if other testings support it. (CT, MRI, etc. However, this tumor markers are highly sensitive and are known to respond to other influences as well not related to the disease.
    Patients lacking the Lewis antigen (a blood type protein) do not produce the CA 19-9 marker.
    Roni, it helped me not to focus much on the markers as they have a tendency to fluctuate frequently.
    Is your Mom still undergoing radiation treatments?
    All my best wishes,


    In a poster study at ASCO 6/2011,they demonstrated that any decline in CA19-9 levels during chemo therapy was predictive of improved outcome in patient with advanced pancreas cancer. The range they given was (2-492,241).

    On the other hand, a report I read , a 77 year old patient who had BENIGN biliary tract disease had a CA19-9 of 98628.;and a 74 yrs old cholelithiasis patient had CA19-9 of 14950.
    The increase of CA19-9 could be associated with chronic hepatitis C infection,alcoholic liver disease,chronic hepatitis B infection,primary sclerosing cholangitis and primary biliary cirrhosis and other inflammatory disease .
    CEA>30 and CA19-9>600 are indicative of unrectable CC on one report.
    However the TREND of CA19-9 is more useful than a single CA19-9 value in
    monitoring the treatment plans such as chemo or the function of the stent placement.
    God bless.


    since normal is under 37, how high can the CA19-9 go?

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