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    Dear Patrice,

    Thanks for the tip. I will get online right away. Thanks Jeff too for the link to the site. Thanks also to Kris for your comforting words.

    We just found out that she has a large krukenberg metastasis at her ovary which is the tumour that is giving her very bag prognosis. Stenting has become harder and infection more frequent.

    I just want to thank this community for offering all their joint experience and insight to fight this monster. I haven’t read every single entry but what I have read is certainly helpful.

    Many thanks,



    Hi Jo-my husband Dave was chachexic during chemo and he used a product called Prosure. It is like ensure but with a lot of omega 3’s and other highly regarded ingredients. The only place we could find it was on-line at He bought it by the case which was cheaper and he gained 5 lbs the first week. Hope it will help your sister. Patrice


    Sorry I have no experience. But just wanted you to know that I will keep you and your sister in my thoughts. I just got off the phone with mine, and I can say the love we have for each other is one of the reasons I want to fight so hard and I am sure your sister feels the same way.




    Thanks for your suggestion.

    My sister is eating – not a lot but she is managing ok. However, she continues to lose weight and is extremely weak. We need her to be strong to consider other options. We have done our research and found that the following have been cliinically tested to be beneficial for cachetic patients. However, we have no time to try them all and need to pick one that is most effective. They are:


    Fish Oil (EPA) (natural)

    hydrazine sulfate

    atractylenolide I (ATR) (natural)



    Bluesea…. Here is a web site of different cachexia treatments. Also provides foods and supplements to avoid and some to use. Always run treatments by your doctor before starting is my suggestion. Sorry this is all I can provide as not experienced first hand .

    God Bless,
    Jeff G.



    I don’t knowof anything specific for cc. However, for my dad, we give him glucerna (like ensure but with much less sugar), a protein bar, and last week at the hospital, we just found out about carnation instant breakfast juice drink. It works when the need for clear liquid diet arises, and it’s easier to go down than the ensure. I hope this helps a little bit.

    If I may ask, what new trial is your sister waiting to be on?




    My sister is in the advanced stage. We want to keep her alive till January when she can be part of her new trial. The problem is we think cachexia has already started and she is extremely weak. We know there are various treatment for cachexia. Does nyone know of one that is more effective for cholangiocarcinoma? We are desperate and need your help. Many thanks!


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