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    Biopsies are definitely more reliable indicators as this will be confirmed by a pathologist.


    Our doctor in the uk does not like to talk about tumour markers (even though they do test them). He often reminds us of the many things which could cause them to raise such as infection or scarring, diarrhea etc etc. I once read a study which found that basically markers are only an indication of the truth 50% of the time (but that they are more likely to be showing the true picture if they are low – ie that there is less sign of cancer). I hope that makes some sense.


    My doctor never talks about tumor markers. What we look at are the liver numbers (which were normal today, thank God!), the bilirubin, and the CBC counts.


    We had a similar situation as Betsy’s. The tumor marker was normal. Our doctor at Mayo said it only shows in less then 20 percent of cases.


    When I was first diagnosed my liver enzymes were elevated. The CA19-9 tumor maker test for me was normal and yet at the time I had a 5cm tumor sitting in my liver.



    My sister has seen significant increases in CA19-9 and CEA and they test her regularily.
    Her CA 19-9 has been as high as 14,621 – it was down to 226 but has recently risen to 711.


    I dont know about the first time I had cc, but on my reoccurance, all bloodwork, tumor markers and scans came back normal and only opening me up showed the new tumor.

    I would say the biopsies are the best confirmation given my experience.



    I was wondering if everyone, or most people, with cholangiocarcinoma had elevated markers such as CEA, CA-19, and AFP? All of mine fell within normal limits and all of my liver enzymes have been normal as well. I have biopsy-confirmed adenocarcinoma of the liver and lymph nodes in my abdomen. A PET scan however was negative for the lymph nodes while positive for the liver tumor. It has been confusing to me

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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