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    I found out about AHCC via an internet search months ago. Problem was, I can’t find it locally here in my city in Canada. I’m going to get back on that.

    Meanwhile, what I did find was something called Flavin 7. It’s been endorsed by the Hungarian Cancer Society. I give Mom 5 ml 3 times per day. The results are odd. The last CT scan showed the cancer has grown in her liver but it has not spread beyond that. Her blood results and liver enzymes are perfectly normal. So I think that’s the Flavin 7. Nobody can understand (doctors, nurses, etc.) why her labwork is so good and yet the cancer is larger in her liver.

    So there’s something else to consider I guess.


    My husband is not having chemo and takes only the supplements mentioned above. I don’t know if it is working or not, all I can say is that the last liver function tests were practically normal. I take the view if it definitely won’t do harm and may do good, we will go for it.


    I have seen that a couple of you are trying AHCC, have you noticed any difference since you started using it? I’ve been reading the book “Dismantling Cancer” and it says that among other things AHCC reduces nausea, increases appetite and decreases anxiety. I’m wondering if you are doing chemo along with taking AHCC and how are your side effects?


    Food Suypplements:
    Anti oxidants

    As it happens my husband had already given up mik products for several months before he became ill. He met prof Jane Plant on a train and she explained to him that she had fought off breast cancer on two occasions by significantly changing her diet.
    She summed up the basis of her approach by saying ‘Avoid the cow!’ no dairy and no beef. She has written a book about cancer and nutrition. She is not the only one to say avoid dairy; the injunction to avoid dairy seems to be widespread.
    I also had given up milk products since I often woke in the morining feeling nauseous and since I cut out the milk I don’t have the sicknesses anymore. Not proof I know but I do feel better.

    I ordered AHCC over the internet from the US. FYI my GP tells me that another of his cancer patients is also taking AHCC.

    My husband is not having any chemo at the moment and I feel that his position is stabilised with the supplements he is taking. I may be completely wrong but blood tests of liver function a week ago were almost normal.

    How did you find Britol. My husband and I found it a turning point in our approach to his illness although we have found it diffcult to keep up with the regime since getting back into the everyday routine of life.

    Best wishes to you and to your daughter.

    If you need any help or advice about various complementary ot integrated apporoaches, I have found Patricia Peat of Cancer Options UK very helpful.


    Hi ukmember

    Do you have any references to support the usefulness of the food supplements ?

    Could I ask where (in the UK I assume) you get AHCC ?

    On a more general note, I recently asked the Bristol Centre for nutritional advice and one of the items in the leaflet they sent was to minimise dairy produce. This seems odd to me since at the hospital where I had my resection the dietician encouraged me to drink full fat milk and to eat cheese and I’ve been doing that ever since (nearly 6 months). Anyway I emailed the Bristol Centre asking for supportive evidence for their nutrition and supplements advice and what they sent me (called “Supportive Research for the Bristol Approach”) said “There is unclear evidence at present whether the consumption of dairy products leads to a higher risk of cancer; however, there does seem to be a risk for hormone related cancers”. So now I’m confused – if the evidence is unclear, why do they say we should minimise dairy produce?



    There are some areas where there is agreement, for example the benefit of antioxidants which can either be in tablet form or in juices. My husband has a juice drink (carrots, parsley,celery red pepper, beetroot ginger) in various combinations.
    He also takes a build up drink for his severe weight loss, which is not in line with much of the thinking about cancer nutrition but makes him feel he is staving off further weight loss, which worries him greatly.

    My husband takes food supplements including antioxidants, Co-enzyme Q10, IP6 AHCC, milk thistle and vitamin K. Since he left hospital on Dec 13th after an an operation to do a resection was aborted, he has had no treatment. He is feeling fine in himself although he does get tired.

    With this particular cancer very little seems to work and when there are improvements they are often short lived. My feeling is that we will try anything that has been shown to have a positive effect, because noone can offer us anything that is certain to work. .


    The world of cancer fighting nutritional information seems very confusing and sometimes quite contradictory. There are articles contending that sugar fuels cancer growth

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