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    I have been thinking about you and Charlie. Glad to hear he is stable. Are you still seeing Dr Sanoff? I loved Charlies answer to the question. Between his answer and my teller her, that my prognosis just wasnt “good enough”, I think us CCers make her smile with our determination.

    May Charlie continue to enjoy life. I hope that cyberknife gets the go ahead.



    Hi Jeff, so glad you are feeling better. I guess you might say now that the fluid is out you are just full of air????? :):) Always miss you when you are not around! I don’t blame you I would get away from the computer too and I am going to! Football all day…Teddy watches it…I go shopping! I hate shopping but I just like to walk around.


    Jeff, so glad you got the fluid drained and have some relief. We hope you have a good week.

    Carol and Charlie


    Carol and Charlie, Glad to hear the overall stable condition. Charlie you deserve a break and getting tired easily, I understand what you mean. It’s so weird, I’ll be watching TV,Reading or sitting in front of the computer and next thing I wake up and I have

    this across the computer screen. If I’m sitting or reclined sure enough ZZZZZZ. Just got out of hospital today. Been fightining fluid in the cavity of my right lung for about 4 months, finally got painful enough and enough pressure so I could not walk. Amazing!!! 1 1/2 liter of fluid drained (parathseisi) sp. I would recommend any one having alot of pain and taking diuretics/lasix. to take a second look and consider or insist as I did ,getting it drained. I can’t believe the amount of relief. Why they wait so dog gone long beats the hecht out of me. Learn somenew every day. Getting fed pain pills on one end and then having a condition that can be causing pain on the other. I’m going to impress upon my Onco the amount of relief during my next visit.
    Quanity or quality it a hard question to answer. You picked the right one Charlie. well, I’m off and running. Feel to good to be sitting at this computor any longer today.


    Carol…so glad to hear that Charlie can take a break and for things to be stable. I especially like Charlie’s answer to the oncologist…he wants both, quantitiy and quality and yes, we all wish for the same. Hoping for his energy to increase and that he will enjoy everything he was not able to do while undergoing chemo.


    Charlie finished 6 rounds of oxaliplatin and Xeloda recently. CT scan this past week showed that overall the tumors in his liver are stable. Some had a little lessening and some showed a little growth, but taken as a whole, they are stable. That’s what we’ve been praying for. Hard not to get disheartened somewhat seeing your loved one going through so much harsh chemo for a long period of time. I want to see some shrinkage! Selfish of me I guess. Stable is a good thing and some people don’t even get that so I shouldn’t complain. Just thinking (and typing) out loud. His weight is stable, still doing things he enjoys, eating pretty good. So many things to be thankful for. He still gets frustrated that he gets tired so quickly, but for what he’s been through, he’s doing good. He decided to take a chemo break. We’ll send his latest scan to UNC Hospital and to Dr. Kennedy in Cary to see about the possibility of Cyberknife and/or Theraspheres. His oncologist asked him, “Charlie, what do you want? Quantity or quality of life? Boy, what a hard question. Charlie grinned and said BOTH! Don’t we all? Love to all.


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