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    Thanks Lily. Everything helps! The information helps. Your reply helps!



    My mother-in-law is only on Gemzar (and Cis – but no radiation). Her only side effects have been swelling in the legs, tiredness, and a little lose of appetite. No nausea though, and she has not lost her hair and she has been on chemo for 4 months. Hope this helps a little :)

    Good Luck to you.


    Hi, this is Ritchie!

    Today I went to talk to the oncologist, but have to, instead, go to talk to a different one on Monday. They had accidentally assigned me to one that wasn’t on the surgeon’s “team”.

    Do any of you out there know what to expect from a combined use of Gemzar (chemo) and radiation before surgery? I’m told that it doesn’t make you loose your hair, but I’m not too worried about that anyway.

    There are to be two weeks (5 days each week) of radiation, and 7 weeks (1 day each week) of chemo. The first two weeks would overlap chemo and radiation. After the sixth week, there is to be a re-evaluation before surgery.

    I would appreciate any info.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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