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    Update: Phil is undergoing radiation to target the tumor causing the pain. The tissue sample sent in for chemical trial didn’t show enough of…..whatever they were looking for.However, they will do another biopsy soon from his metastatic site in his lungs. Doc says that may give him a better chance. In the meantime, his tumor markers have grown to 949 from 450 in February. After the last radiation treatment, the plan is to begin a regiment of Folfori with the oral drug portion.

    Will let you know when we get biopsy done and hear results from that. Our Dr keeps in close contact with Merck rep which is good to know☺

    Thanks for all your kind words and prayers. He’s a fighter!



    I hope they find a new treatment path. Some here have had wonderful results on the Keytruda,

    Best wishes hopes that they find a way forward soon.


    You are welcome, dear Sharon. Please keep us posted and know that we are behind Phil and you, all the way.


    Thanks Marion. Doctor is now checking on the drug trials for Keytruda and in the mean time looking into the second line drug Folfox. His numberserk are too low for chemo right now, but these options have given us hope! Thanks agsin.


    Sharonandphil…………please ask. Although there is no second line of treatment but often times there may be a molecular alteration for which a targeted agent is under investigation in clinical trials. Or physicians may prescribe off label a drug not approved for this cancer but it has shown benefit in other cancer groups. In any case molecular testing should be encouraged with all CCA patients.


    Thank you again Marion. There isn’t really a ‘next step’. Once chemo is unavailable, there will be nothing more to do but to keep him comfortable. I have not asked about the molecular testing, but I will mention it. I haven’t thought about that and it never hurts to ask!

    Thanks again Marion. Hope you’re doing well since surgery.


    Sharon….had you discussed with the physician molecular testing for possible targeted agents tested in clinical trials or molecular agents prescribed off label? Not sure that it is possible, but thought I to put it out to you.


    Dar Sharon, I am so sorry to read this about Phil. My question would be if the ONC felt another chemo might take up where Gem/Cis has not been working. You are right also in that if there is pain the pain is only controlled by taking the RX “religiously”. Once the pain gets out of hand it gets harder to control it BUT you can keep it under control. Has the ONC mentioned what would be the next step? We are all here for you and please do keep us updated. Hang in and hang on. You never know how strong you are until “strong” is the only choice you have!


    Hello again,

    My husband has stage IV cc. His tumor is unresectable and his treatment is pallative. In September, he was given a year with chemo. Up until the end of January, he was able to receive treatments ( gemzar and Cisplantin) every other week. After his CT scan in January, we felt relieved to know the cancer had not spread, the legions in his lungs had reduced and the tumor hadn’t grown. At that point, he had 6 treatments done. After the 7th treatment his platelet count was too low so he took a week off. He was able to do another round after 3 weeks. That was at the Feb 2. He hasn’t been able to do chemo since then. He has basically had to skip three treatments.

    We were told in the beginning that after chemo was no longer an option, that would be all that they could do. Recently he’s had a great deal of gas, his stomach rumbles all the time and he has no energy.

    Has anyone had experience with this type of tumor? How do things progress from here?

    Thank you in advance for any input.

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