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    You definitely need a second opinion. Even my doctor, who has never treated CC, has a Plan B (Folfox) and a Plan C lined up. There seems to be a standard set of protocols out there for a base treatment plan that your Onc seems to be missing.

    There is tons of info on this site from patients and from others who continually scan websites for treatment plans (and Gavin still seems to have a day job and a life). I pick and choose and send stuff to my Onc to get her to think outside the box.



    I agree with Lainy. You may want to get a second opinion or even find a new onc.

    Folfox is a standard chemo treatment. It consists of Fluoroucil (5-FU) plus oxaliplatin (like cisplatin) and folnic acid which helps the 5-FU work better.



    Dear Retepgi, I can’t help with chemo options except to say when an ONC says no other options it is time for another opinion. There are quite a few options and I would not want to be with an ONC who sounds like he is giving up. You want to make sure your ONC has treated other CC patients and that where you are being treated has also had more than a few CC patients. I know you will be getting some more advice here so hang in!


    Hi All. I have been on GemCis but it was no longer working. My doc put me on the generic version of Xeloda. I had a very severe reaction and am now off. My doc says there are no other chemo options. Any advice about other chemos?

    Anyone familiar with the BB1503 trials on behalf of Boston Biomedical? There is a trial here but I understand the success rate is very low. Does anyone have any info?

    Many thanks.

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