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    Dear Basia, Welcome to the best place to be for CC support. Truly sorry to read about your diagnosis of CC and that you had to join our remarkable family. We know when one hears the word Cholangiocarcinoma it is a whole lot to take in at one time. Here are a few items that may help you get through the first leg of the CC journey.

    Knowledge is the most important tool at this point to begin the fight. When you have a chance, read some of our Members posts or if you have a question you can use our Search Engine at the top of the page. Type in a word or 2 and many posts will appear on that subject.

    My husband had a Whipple 10 years ago and I know it is easy for me to say but PLEASE do not be scared. Yes, it is a BIG surgery but know that it is not life threatening like heart surgery is. He was sitting up the 2nd day and walking on the 3rd day. It will be a slow recovery but each day you will see more light at the end of the tunnel. If you have any questions I will try my best to answer them. Surgery us our favorite word as it is the best RX for a cure.
    Oddly enough the biggest change was his loss of appetite for sweets. And that actually was a good thing.
    Sending you the very best wishes and on March 2nd I will cross everything thing I own, even my eyes for a successful Whipple. You are right that cupid sure missed the mark when he shot the arrow on Valentine’s Day for you! But you are getting the best resolution!

    Please do keep us updated on progress as we truly care.


    Hi. My name is Basia and I live in the Turks & Caicos Islands. I was diagnosed accidentally a few weeks ago, receiving news of a malignant common bile duct tumour on Valentine’s Day. Yikes! And here I was, expecting flowers :)

    At any rate, I am stage 0/1 with no lymph node involvement that they can see. I will be having my Whipple performed at U of Miami on the 2nd of March with Dr. Nipun Merchant. I decided to go with him and his team today, rather than Sloan Kettering, for the simple reason is that I have a strong support system there. And it’s only an hour’s flight away from TCI.

    Don’t really know what to expect but from what I ready, the Whipple is enough to scare the pants off me.

    I pray for me, and above all else, I pray for us all. Basia


    Are you doing daily treatments 5 days a week? I did that about 18 months ago for 6 weeks. Side effects for me were not severe. Fatigue, lack of appetite, etc.

    The effects are cumulative so you can expect to feel worse until after treatments stop for a few weeks.


    Francesco…..what are the symptoms? Fatigue, nausea, yellowing of skin, weight loss?


    Feedback on effects of Radiation in the 4th week with Xeloda. Symptoms are worse now than in the beginning.

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